Month: March 2014

The Party Dress

A dress for my little girl that twirls and swirls with a big bow… just perfect to make every day a party day!

As soon as Lindsay of The Cottage Mama announced that she would be publishing a monthly newsletter, I knew I needed to be on that list.  And then she sweetened the offer by re-leasing her Party Dress Pattern with the newsletter subscription, and I started counting the days down until I received the newsletter and the pattern!  (if you don’t know, I adore Lindsay and her designs… I credit her for much of my discovered love of creating clothes for my kiddos – while my Mom and my Granny taught me to sew, Lindsay is one of the blog-ladies that makes it so much fun!)

So, without further to-do… here is The Party Dress!

Pattern: The Party Dress (released March 2014) by The Cottage Mama

Fabric: Caravan Dreams designed by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics

Stitched by Stacey Morales… from a box

Sunday Wrap Up

Starting with sewing news…..

I put together the January Block for the Sugar Block Club hosted by Stitchery Dickory Dock.  Yes, I am a bit behind but figured putting quilt blocks together was simple – its just straight line sewing that I could knock out in a day right? probably even an hour.  However, its not that simple, and evidently, I am not that good at building quilt blocks.  While I supposed to trim my block to 12 1/2 square, my block is barely 12 1/4 square, so now what?  I started on February’s block and will see if I make my 1/4″ seams a smidge under that will fix my problem.  I believe that I only need more practice to figure it out.

I selected and cut material for the next 9 square block for the Feathered Star Hoopsisters quilt.  I can sew that out during the week.

And in crochet news, I made 4!!! different sized hats to try out a new pattern… I think the biggest time sucker was rolling the new skeins of yarn into balls to make it easy for combining 3 strands into a single crochet.  This can make quite a mess, and my kids are no longer interested to make a few bucks rolling the balls for me.

As for the homestead… I did no cooking (all were surprised), but did manage to slip away for an hour of drinks and apps with my husband.

My son’s basketball team made the playoffs for next weekend.  We had no dance lessons and no birthday parties.  I prep’ed the weekly newsletter for the kid’s elementary school, signed the school homework, re-stocked the bird feeders, and sorta picked up the house.

All in all, it was a lazy weekend.  Perfect with the stupid rain and cold that returned again to the Pacific Northwest to remind us that winter is not over.

Hope y’all had a more productive weekend, and wishing all a good week.  Its daylight savings time next weekend – I think we should start preparing now by shaving 10 minutes off each day.