The Party Dress

A dress for my little girl that twirls and swirls with a big bow… just perfect to make every day a party day!

As soon as Lindsay of The Cottage Mama announced that she would be publishing a monthly newsletter, I knew I needed to be on that list.  And then she sweetened the offer by re-leasing her Party Dress Pattern with the newsletter subscription, and I started counting the days down until I received the newsletter and the pattern!  (if you don’t know, I adore Lindsay and her designs… I credit her for much of my discovered love of creating clothes for my kiddos – while my Mom and my Granny taught me to sew, Lindsay is one of the blog-ladies that makes it so much fun!)

So, without further to-do… here is The Party Dress!

Pattern: The Party Dress (released March 2014) by The Cottage Mama

Fabric: Caravan Dreams designed by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics

Stitched by Stacey Morales… from a box

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