Happenin’ at the box? Paint, Paint, & more Paint

Besides spring getting sprung at the box… Check out all the light!

The inside of the box is getting some much needed updating.

After accepting the fact that we will not pull out the painting supplies anytime soon due to lack of interest in the work of it, we found a team of awesome painter ladies… that’s right, a couple of girls that paint houses.  They are young women that are not afraid of sandpaper, caulk and wood putty, paint machines, long pole rollers, and tall ladders with scaffolding, and know how to use all of these. Plus, these women have the organization and management skills to make them better than great! The ‘painter ladies’ as we call them, showed up every morning exacting on time with a plan to complete the work in an organized fashion.  Starting with the upstairs mouldings and stair banister, then the second story ceilings, and today they will start the walls.

But first, you need to understand where the box started… you will see that I clearly marked all of the pictures as BEFORE so there is no impression that I am responsible for this.

(althou, I am responsible for the Daughter’s name painted on the wall in the test color… hoping I didn’t set a precedence that gets her in trouble later)

front room and dining room are in this orange fruity color that matched perfectly with previous owners, and is a lovely color when used in moderation, and not on the walls of our box

Collette is also happy that the painting is happening

ah, more orange… this is the front room and the dining room…
and the Zazzles Cat

orange, even in the front hall niche

The Husband changed out all of the mouldings and trim to this more updated mill work.  He did an awesome job and worked many late nights with the chop saw.  It made me proud when the neighbors asked what was going on at the box – although they probably noticed the action over here when the chop saw and shop vac noise got their attention at midnight… sorry y’all.
yes, that is track lighting at the top of the stairs…
no offense to track lighting lovers, but it is not going back up

see the year’s worth of color testing on the walls

upstairs hall… the doors are staying brown and louvered, but with white trim

Here are the paint colors we selected… quite different from orange.

I am anxious to show off the results at the end of the week.  And will be so happy to have this paint job off the box-to-do-list!

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