Testing… Testing… this is only a Test

This is not ONLY a test.  This is some kind of incredible fun!

I submitted myself to be a pattern tester for a few designers, and I was lucky to get invited onboard to test along with some lovely ladies. 
So the way this works (I have recently discovered) — Pattern designers draft their original patterns, complete the instructions to accompany the pattern, and then select testers to try out the pattern in all the various sizes and options.  The testers agree to return valuable feedback in addition to pictures of the completed item to the designer.  The designer uses the tester’s feedback to improve their pattern for market.
It’s a win-win arrangement!  The testers get first chance at a new pattern for free, in exchange for critical feedback to the designer.  Plus, the testers have a new high priority project with a built-in deadline with immediate value to all!  I am always ready for a new project.  And, the deadline with a designer relying on me, is just the motivation needed to also complete the project.  Who couldn’t love a deal like this?!!! 
There is no ‘pay’ involved… so I still have to keep my day job… but as my insightful sister pointed out, “Enjoyment is a form of payment”… doesn’t that sound lovely!
I have three tests completed that will release soon, and two tests to start (and complete) in the next couple of weeks.  Once the pattern is officially released to the market, the designer could choose to include my pictures and possibly link to my blog to show off my creations of her new pattern.  It is just so EXCITING!
And since the designers don’t want their not-yet-released patterns out on the street, I cannot share the results yet… BOO… but I can share the super cute fabric and trims that I am working with.
Stay tuned… some amazing patterns are about to be released, and I hope my creations of them will be shown off!  (at least I know I will be showing them off here) 

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