Happenin’ at the box? New Carpet on its way

Quick update on the box.

The paint is dry and now its time for new carpet.  Remember the deciding point on the carpet…

Of course I would have poured my bottle of red wine throughout the house to get new carpet. 

The current carpet, I am sure was lovely at one time, and perfect for the house of a decorator.  But for our family of 5 people and 2 cats, it doesn’t work. 

The color is white (well, aged and dirtied white now), its wool (yes I understand that is great warmth for this climate, and I understand that is expensive, yada, yada), and its looped (perfect for grabbing with doll strollers, star wars models, and cat claws).  The youngest one grabbed an undone loop when we first got here and pulled – She excitedly called for Mom to show the popping effect across the floor as she pulled more.  See, this carpet is not for us, hence when I accidently spilled coffee in a prominent location on the stairs, and then ‘accidently’ spilled a bit more, I secretly rejoiced.

So, we returned to our flooring specialist (Bill at Great Floors).  Reminded him of our situation and flooring desires (want ‘economical’ to support us for another few years here).  He turned us on to an in-stock carpet, blah, blah, blah… the install is scheduled for next week. WOOHOO!

oh but wait, it couldn’t be that simple…

The floor measure guy came to the box to get the official measurements of the carpet area.  As he was leaving, he mentioned that all of the new baseboards (remember from here) that he said “looked like a million bucks” needed to come off the wall and be reset for install because the boards were too close to the carpet.  errrrrrrkkkkkk! (that’s the slamming on the car brakes noise)  Based on my reaction, the guy ended the visit with, “sorry to give you bad news… I will tell Bill too”.

Here is the picture he took to show the problem.

After I got the expected response from the Husband to this news, “Well, that’s a non-starter. No new carpet”  and he found a remnant in the garage that “would be perfect to replace the coffee stained step”, I had to decide the best option for me and my bottle of red wine.  I could get the Husband drunk and convince him to replace the carpet.  I could pour my bottle of red wine throughout the house and force the new carpet.  Or, I could drink it myself and at least feel better for a while.

But no, I went to my sewing drawer!!! Cause I know that sewing makes it all better.

I ripped back the corner of carpet and snapped these pictures using my handy seam gauge.

Looks like plenty of room under the baseboards to me…

In conclusion, Bill said that based on my evidence (measurement with a seam gauge) compared to the floor measure guy’s evidence (crappy cell phone pic).  The baseboards will be fine, and he would check into an eye test for their employees.  I really like Bill!

So, the new carpet install is scheduled for next week.

Stay tuned for big reveals of the updated box.

(and its ok to comment on how gross the carpet looks)

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