Recipe: 1-2-3 Beef Stew

Growing up, one of our staple meals was 1-2-3 Beef Stew.  I don’t know where Mom learned the recipe, but it’s probably some wives’ club or bridge club or a PTA meeting from back in the day.  When my sister and I left the nest for our own places, this recipe came with us for when we needed an easy meal that might impress our guests.

The recipe is easy… Mom said, “It’s 3 ingredients: meat, mushroom soup, and onion soup, for 3 hours at 300. Easy as 1-2-3.”, and still to this day she follows up with, “and don’t add water! and don’t cook it faster or at higher temperature!”

While the recipe has been enhanced over the years and variations have been tried, the heart of Mom’s recipe stays the same and tastes the best.  And always, always reminds me (and makes me a bit sentimental) of my growing up days at HOME with Mom, Dad, and my Sister.

Here is my version of Mom’s recipe.

4 pounds of Stew Meat
2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup
2 packets of dry Onion Soup Mix
8 medium size Mushrooms

Spray a large Casserole Dish with non-stick – spray the lid too.  Slice the Mushrooms.  Mix all the ingredients in the dish. 

Put the lid on. Put in the oven on 300 degrees.

Cook for 3 hours.

Serve with Wide Egg Noodles and a veggie.

This is a family favorite at the box.  We have tried it with mashed potatoes and rice too, but the w-i-d-e noodles are the best for collecting a lot of the cream sauce with each bite.  We really like the sauce which is why I use 2 cans of soup.  The dish can be salty, so I prefer the low sodium soup.

And as Mom says, “don’t add water!  and don’t adjust the cooking time or temperature!”

Voila, easy as 1-2-3… and usually there are leftovers to enjoy another night.

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