Flared Top Basket

Need a place for the remotes?  Need a place for your crochet project?  Need a place for the little toys?  Probably YES, then you need some good looking baskets to gather these things!
I was a lucky lady to test the new Flared Top Basket PDF Sewing Pattern from Around The Bobbin and to have my basket featured on her blog found here(that makes me proud!)
And to celebrate the release of the basket pattern, Lisa is offering a discount code for 20% off the pattern!!!  Just enter FLAREDTOP25 at her Around the Bobbin shop.  (expires May 9th 2014)
The basket comes in 3 different sizes – Small, Medium, and Large – and is a quick fun project that is functional and decorative.  Lisa says it best: “Sometimes a basket is just as much about decorating as organizing.”  And I agree!


I chose quilting fabrics in my stash in bright spring colors to make the large basket.  I have plans for all 3 basket sizes in 4th of July fabrics next.  Won’t that be a nice decorative addition on the kitchen table to celebrate July!
The pattern is a simple layout with straight-forward instructions including color photographs.  Because you want the basket to stand up sturdy, you use some heavy interfacing.  As I am not experienced with interfacing, this pattern was a perfect opportunity to learn how to sew through the several stiff layers.
Here is how I had the basket into the sewing machine… 
I also found that sewing through the corners of the baskets was tough, until I remembered the rubber mallet trick… you just have to beat the fabric down a bit to make it soften up just enough so it will behave.  But be careful you don’t soften it too much or the basket will look wimpy and not crisp like you want it.
Another trick is to press with starch after the basket is made.  This gives it that smooth finish!
It is great for TOYS… Stitching Projects… Bath Organizing… and so, so much more!

Check out the Around the Bobbin shop and blog at AroundtheBobbin.com.
And remember to use discount code FLAREDTOP25 in her shop for the Flared Top Baskets… you will be decorating with pretty baskets and getting organized at the same time!


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