Puppy Pocket Romper… so flippin’ cute!

As soon as I saw that the May selection for the Flip This Pattern series on FrancesSuzanne would be a pattern by the lovely Lindsay, aka. The Cottage Mama, I knew I had found my next project.  But, then I saw it was the Run Around Romper… uh-oh… the one and only pattern by The Cottage Mama that I don’t own, and didn’t think I needed since I don’t have little kids anymore – my youngest is 4 almost 5.  But never to be left out, I found a way to play.  I drafted my newest little cousin in Texas, Kent, as my model and muse.  He is about to celebrate his first birthday, he is cute, cute, cute, and I hadn’t had a chance to sew for him yet.  His Mom and Dad were happy to play along.  We agreed to a schedule so I could make a romper, mail it to Kent, get feedback and pictures on the fit, then make my entry romper for the Flip This Pattern challenge.  So, that’s what we did… and then some…

Here is the ‘test’ romper to try out the pattern and to try on Kent.

And it turned out so cute, flippin’ cute to be exact, so I linked it up to the challenge as well.

As for the actual pattern flipping, there is only one flip – I added the embroidered puppy dog on a pocket right in the middle of the romper tummy.

It was a simple flip… or maybe barely a flip to really count as a flip… but the romper turned out flippin’ cute! so that counts!

And look at my little cousin!  how adorable is he!  all that blond hair, big blue eyes, sweet face, and precious toes!  Isn’t it amazing how much you can instantly adore a new little cousin from the very moment he comes into the world — but back to the pattern flipping.

Now that the test flip was complete, and I had feedback from Kent’s Mom and Dad, I went to work creating my next flipped romper. 

Stay tuned for more Flip This Pattern creations.


  1. Great job Stacey! I am so amazed (but not surprised) with your sewing talents! Looking forward to following your blog. You have some pretty darn cute models too!


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