Outside The Box Adventures: on Tour in Basque Country

Bonjour friends and family… we are in Bayonne France – we, as in me and the hubs – about to begin a week tour of the Basque Country.


Highlights so far include…
A TGV (train) ride from Paris to Bayonne where it is hot like Texas! and not in a good way.  There was a super fluffy sweet dog under the seat ahead of me on the train. Facinating how Europeans travel everywhere with their dogs.  Dogs that behave better than most kids including mine on some occasions. 



Last night late late dinner at a Brasserie (Pub-like) with a giant meat & cheese platter, basket of pain (bread), pints of beer, all chased with chocolate dessert crepes… this was a well deserved meal after a freak out when I realized I forgot the camera charger.



Hubs-Carlos actually hugging the man at the camera store on the Champs-Elysees once he finally understood after an hour+ of us pacing the store that we needed a charger not a battery, and there was a universal charger in stock.  This saved us the €799 that we were about to drop on a new camera (glad we left Paris today, camera man was either going to find Carlos to date him or take out a restraining order to keep Carlos away… I couldn’t read the man’s face exactly during the hug to know which way it was going to go).


Walking Paris in the late afternoon… sunshine, nice breeze, good conversation.

A nice 4 hour nap in the Paris hotel to get some stamina back for our holiday together after a long 11+ hour flight from Seattle alone since Carlos was already in France for his conference… well deserved nap since the flight included a full blown panic attack and an actual fainting spell in the back gallery of the plane. Thankful to the cardiologist and the internalist that answered the flight attendant’s request for a ‘doctor on the plane’  (announcement made in both English and French) that helped me recover.  While this was never on my bucket list, I will check it off the list and take full credit for that surprise episode.


So we find ourselves in Bayonne now… cant wait to see what we see next.


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