Outside The Box Adventures: on Tour in Basque Country – Part Hiru

(Hiru = three in Basque language, this is the 3rd part to our tour in Basque… Part 1 is HERE and Part 2 is HERE)

Our Basque Country Tour continued in Spain to San Sebastian, through Pamplona and Guernica, and ended in Bilbao. 

While the food was different to us (I know, duh, it was a different country) we did eat WELL, and as it was vacation, we ate and drank more than usual. Our tour included a mix of planned meals with the group as well as meals on our own. And a new one for us was dinner at a Gastronomy Club – basically a private club of mostly men that meet in a small place with a large kitchen to eat and drink together. 

Of course we had crepes in France and plenty of ham, lamb, and fish all over Basque Country. We had many favorite dishes like the chicken in cream sauce and the lamb wrapped in phyllo, and some dishes that were not good at all like the mushroom and stinky cheese panini.

The wine everywhere – red, white, and rose – was good.  The pig legs hanging in the shop windows amused us.  The plucked chickens with their feet still on frightened us. 

Top, left to right: hanging pork legs in a shop, my breakfast of champion one day – chocolate doughnut and baileys (remember it was vacation)
Bottom, left to right: Delicious macarons (native to France), Basque appetizer – olives and anchovies, me and a crepe, Carlos and a crepe

And even saw a Texan Restaurant, but didn’t venture in to see what Tex-Basque food was like.

We saw lots of sheep, many vineyards, several old, even medieval structures, and where the bulls run – or rather where the bulls chase and the people run for their lives in Pamplona, as the husband demonstrates below.

Bilbao was a nice and bustling town. The sights were unique. There was a lot of old mixed in with the new. The Guggenheim Museum was nice and worth a visit.



Architecture in Bilbao Spain

More Architecture in Bilbao Spain

For me, the Guggenheim Museum building and the art works surrounding the museum were the most interesting. And the Puppy at the front was just simply sweet!

Our tour ended in Bilbao, and we returned to the kids at the box.

One last picture for you… to keep busy and keep creating while traveling, I crocheted a super cute ruffle skirt for my daughter… I will have that up on the blog next week.

me… relaxing and crocheting in Spain

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