Summer Surprise Tank Dress by Sofilantjes

The older girls, tweens they call them, need homemade with love clothes too!  So when the opportunity came up to test for my 12 year old niece, I was interested… then I saw the super cute Summer Surprise pattern from Sofilantjes, and I knew I had to jump on this opportunity.

And the results were PERFECT for my beautiful niece!

You can jump on this opportunity too with a 30% discount on all Sofilantjes Patterns through June 19th —– see below for the sites and code details.

The pattern is a tank style dress or tunic that fits modestly across the front and sports a nice bow across the back.  The bow is great for the older girl because it is simple and classy.  It is made of knit fabric (a tween’s favorite) that you can find in so many online stores in cool, funky patterns for tweens or in solids for the more conservative tweens.  Another idea is to color block the dress to make it extra unique for your girl.  (that’s on my to-sew list)

The pattern comes in sizes 7 to 12… and the smaller size pattern in sizes 6m to 7 is available also. To fit all tween girls, the pattern has sizes in regular and skinny, cause we all know the different shapes that girls can be as they grow up.  The pattern is only 3 pieces plus the binding.  It can be sewn on a sewing machine and/or a serger machine — I was excited to put my serger to use, so I did most of the sewing there.

Confession to make… I have only worked with knits 2 times before, so I didn’t have a lot of experience.  BUT following Sofilantjes pattern instructions and keeping my serger guide book close, I was never in doubt of the results.  No struggles, just an enjoying stitch up of the Summer Surprise dress!

THEN my niece received the finished dress!!! And she loved it!  I was such a proud aunt.

She styled the dress with flip-flops, a big hat, and big sunglasses… its called ‘summer-glam’.

And look at these pictures my sister took — I think between the amazing pattern & the beautiful model & and the previously-untapped-photography skills, we had an AWESOME result to submit back to Annemieke to demonstrate her pattern for the tween girls. 


The concerns my niece had for the dress were completely addressed and turned out to not be worries — she wanted to make sure that the dress covered her bra straps.  And it did!  The pattern is designed in such a way that the back is high enough to comfortably fit while giving it that sporty look with the dropped back and the bow across.

Best of all, Annemieke is offering a discount on all her patterns of 30% until Thursday June 19th!!!
You can find the patterns on Craftsy already reduced, and on her Sofilantjes Etsy Store (use code RP30OFF).
AND… Annemieke will be hosting a give away on her blog this week HERE.  You should check out her blog too to see the other tester’s dresses and tunics – there are some super creative designs to inspire you.

In closing, a thank you to Annemieke for the opportunity to test out the Summer Surprise dress.  And a HUGE hug to my niece and my sister for making it all happen.


  1. I just want to thank my Aunt Stacey for making me this fantastic dress! It is super cute and cozy! I am going to have a great summer in style!����☀


  2. Love everything…the sweet model (esp. in hat and sunglasses) and the dress…the bow definitely adds a punch to the simplicity. Perfect outfit for our hot summers!


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