Happenin’ At The Box: Summer Break is here! (like it or not)

And, its only 10 weeks, I can make it, right?!

Kids finished school yesterday… Yay… Boo…


Obviously I have mixed feelings about this.  The kids are SO HAPPY to finish the school year and need a break from the routine.  I am happy to not have lunches to pack, homework to check, bedtime to manage, and all the consistency needed for school life.  And summer is such a happy time!  Late evenings playing outside – especially in the Pacific NW since there’s daylight till after 9pm.  Sleepy kids wandering downstairs for good long hugs “good morning”.  Freedom to venture out and about.  Visits to family in Texas, and visits from family to us.

However, starting next week, I am not happy to hear “I’m bored”, “he/she won’t {insert one: leave me alone, play with me, give me a turn}”, “I’m hungry, make me something”, “When is Dad home”, “Take me {insert one: to the mall, to the toy store, to the park}”, “when will you stop working”… and so on.


I work from home.  I work a lot, and I need quiet time to do this.  My ‘workshop’ as I call it, is downstairs in a corner of our box house with the kitchen and family room on one side and the stairs and front living room on the other side.  Basically in the middle of the main (albeit, only) traffic lane. 

So, starting next week, my kiddos will be in my space. 

It will be nice to get HUGs from my youngest daughter whenever I want. 
It will be nice to see the new world or land or whatever contraption my son builds in his online gaming. 
And it will be nice to share the day’s events with my oldest daughter in real-time.

So for all these reasons, I will share my kids enthusiasm for SUMMER BREAK…..

And it’s only 10 weeks, I will make the best of it and ENJOY these kiddos in my space.  I know I will miss them when they are grown up and my space is too quiet.


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