Ruffled Whimsy Dress pattern by Dandelions n’ Dungarees

This pattern had me at the ruffles!  You can never have enough ruffles in your life!  And this dress delivers the ruffles, a complete stack of ruffles.

The dress is the Ruffled Whimsy Dress pattern from Dandelions n’ Dungarees released a few months ago.  I tried to get on the amazing testing team, but of course, many sew’ists were trying for the same team.  But I knew that as soon as the pattern released, I wanted to make one for my girlie. 

Just look at this stack of ruffles… OMG, LOVE IT!

My ruffle foot was put to good use making 7 fabric widths sewn together into a super long ruffle.  Before ruffling, the top edge and bottom edge were finished with a rolled hem in hot pink thread to match the piping.  Then I cut the lengths of ruffle needed on each row down the center piece. 

The dress is a classic bodice style, flutter sleeves, with a loop buttoned closure at the back and an a-line skirt.  The pattern comes in girl sizes 2T-7 and tween sizes 8-16 and can be made as a dress or as a shorter tunic.

I changed up the pattern by not using the sash around the waist and the full bow in the back.  However, I used a simple long ribbon (tube) of fabric attached at the side seams and tied in a bow at the center of the back to cinch around the middle of the dress.  I added hot pink piping around the neck, arms, and at the front waist.  I added a rolled hem to the flutter sleeve edges.  And, I lined the entire dress with a pink gingham to make the inside as cute as the outside.

The dress fabric is Wildflowers Navy, Floret Pink, and Floret Navy by Patty Young, picked out at Joann fabric store.

My daughter likes the dress and thought it matched perfectly with her new shoes with ‘heels’… she feels so big now. She had just finished dance lessons, so many of her poses were practicing the new ballet she is learning from Ms Katie.


What I loved about this dress pattern…..

Can I say it again… RUFFLES!!!

The classic styling that keeps little girls looking like little girls with the knee length dress and flutter sleeves.  This makes a perfect dress for a party or Sunday morning church.  My daughter wore it to her sister’s dance recital.

As most of you, I LOVE fabrics! especially when I can coordinate fabrics.  This dress offers the opportunity to use 3 great fabrics, and I could have used another design on the skirt sides.  I also like when the garment can show off fabrics with a large print like the back of this dress does.  For this fabric, I wanted the larger print flowers to be seen so I used it on the back of the dress.

The pattern is well written, and the designer is friendly and responsive.

What I would do different with this dress pattern…..

Next time, I will include the full tied bow in the back of the dress.  I was thinking that the beautiful bow was too much frou-frou on the dress and I didn’t want to break the line of the dress with the sash across the waist on the front of the dress.  So the sash was not added. 

Seeing how the dress looks made, the waist tie is necessary to cinch in the a-line dress shape.  And the full beautiful bow in the back of the dress is needed to balance the ruffles on the front of the dress.

This could be accomplished by using the sash tied into a full beautiful bow around the waist as the pattern calls for.  Another option to eliminate the break at the waist by the sash is to add the sash at the side seams and then tie into a full beautiful bow at the back.  Just make sure to set the top ruffle at the waist line.  See here that I set my top ruffle too low – it should have been set just under the piping.

The flutter sleeves need to be flattened out to extend across more of the arm opening – I have them too gathered, especially at the edges.  

So there you have it… the Ruffled Whimsy Dress.


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