Lazy Days Lounge Pants for ALL

Look at Gracious Threads new pattern for Lazy Days Lounge Pants… just released this week!

Don’t we all look for those elusive boy’s patterns… well, here is a great one for both girls and BOYS, sizes 2T-12!  That means all your kids — toddlers, pre-schoolers, little kids, big kids, and those tweens can have a pair of Lazy Days Loungers.

And the timing couldn’t be better, since back to school AND cooler weather is just around the corner for some of us.

I was excited to work with Jessica at Gracious Threads to test her latest pattern – see her other darling patterns HERE.  And I had just promised my son that I would sew for him next. Which we know that it’s tough to find suitable patterns for 9 year old boys. And those who know my son, know that he will make sure your promise is kept. Thank goodness the Lazy Days Lounge pattern testing started when it did. It is perfect for my son!

As it turns out, it is perfect for my son, my daughter, my nephew, and my niece!  Yes, once I started sewing up the lounge pants, I couldn’t stop until I had finished four! fabulously comfy & super cute pants. Now all the kiddos can be lazy in their easy-to-make & easy-to-wear pull-on pants.

For me, I like how quick the pattern comes together. It was a great opportunity to work with knit fabrics too, since I am somewhat new to sewing with knits.  The pattern works for many types of knits including fleece, interlock, french terry, and heavier cotton lycra.

The sewing instructions are clear and precise with drawings for each step. The pattern is PDF with clearly marked sizes and elastic measurements. For kids in between sizes or with long or short legs, the pattern allows the waist and inseam combos.

For my son, I stitched up the size 12. The length and waist were a good size for him. I did shorten the cuffs a bit for the boys version.  My son especially likes the soft waistband so I expect that I will see these on him often.

The pattern offers a decorative tie at the waist using either button holes or small grommets.

For my daughter, I stitched up the size 6. Again the length and waist were a good size for her with no adjustments. I left the cuffs the fashionable height as specified in the pattern for her. 

Because she loves pink (like most girlies) and she only wants to wear pink, we have worked out a deal between us. If the clothing isn’t primarily pink, then I will add a pink heart on the garment. For the lounging pants, I added the pink heart to the inside of the pocket. Oh, did I mention the pants have POCKETS?!!! just love that extra detail 🙂

(You can see HERE for another secret heart added to my daughter’s clothes.)

Like I said, once I started making Lazy Days Lounge Pants, I couldn’t stop. This week, I will ship the package to my niece and my nephew in Texas. I am looking forward to their reactions to the comfy-drawers. And of course the pictures of them wearing them too. I will be sure to post about them!

All of the fabric I used is from my local Joann’s. The camo is a sweatshirt fleece on the legs and a black ribbing on the waist band, pockets, and cuffs. The blue is an interlock knit with the dark side for the legs and the reverse side for the waist band, pockets, and cuffs. Both fabrics are a great weight, and were a good buy with my coupon.

I added a lot of top stitching — because I like top stitching 🙂  I stitched mostly my sewing machine but I did finish the seams with my serger.

Overall, this is one of my favorite patterns because I know the pants will get a lot of wear by the kiddos. They are comfortable and appropriate for school and around the house. 

Get your pattern now… on Etsy, Craftsy, or on Gracious Threads blog.

Also, you can enter to win your very own copy from Gracious Threads in the give-away on the blog… enter HERE.


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