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My Dapper Suit Romper in Top 15!

I am so proud!


My ‘flipped’ version of The Cottage Mama’s Run Around Romper pattern made the Top 15 in her sewing contest.  Out of 200 entries, the romper I made for cousin Kent was selected as a finalist HERE on The Cottage Mama site.

Read all the details about the making of the romper HERE.


What happens next?

The public votes for their favorite! 

All of the finalists are incredible creations that will both motivate and inspire you to make your own creations. There are so many ways to show off the lovely patterns from The Cottage Mama.  As I have said before, Lindsay continues to be my constant inspiration to created more and learn more.

See all the finalists and VOTE for your fave!  I hope the Dapper Fellow Romper gets your vote!


The winner of the fabulous grand prize is announced on Friday September 22nd.

I mean it when I say that I am so proud to have been chosen as a Cottage Mama Finalist… I will be walking on air today… And an extra thank you goes out to Frances Suzanne for putting out the Flip This Pattern challenge that encouraged me to make the romper in the first place.


Now, go vote HERE!!!


  1. We were so excited to see your entry in the Final 15!!! It is a fine piece of craftsmanship….and perfect for a little gentleman!!


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