Purse & Wallet Pattern Blog Tour

Are you planning your holiday gift list? 

Do you need handmade ideas for little girls and little boys?  Of course you do! 

Check out the Perfect Petal Purse and the Pirate’s Treasure Wallet patterns by Fabulous Home Sewn.

For her Blog Tour, Fenna asked if we wanted to stitch up a purse or a wallet… I said “BOTH!”… so here are both patterns.

All about the Perfect Petal Purse…
The purse turned out super-cute! It is good for little girls to carry hair accessories, jewelry, little pencils, and all kinds of the little stuff that girls like.

The center circle of the flower is lined on the inside. The strap can be made short or long. The back center is zippered to keep the contents safe. And the 7 petals can be accented with piping or ric-rac.  What I liked best about stitching up the petal purse was the variety of fabrics I could use from my scrap drawer.  I pulled out way too many selections, and then reduced down to these 8 cotton quilting fabrics. The bright yellow one is my favorite – but my daughter LOVES the ballerina monkey the best.

I added the purple ric-rac around each petal just to jazz it up more!

All about the Pirate’s Treasure Wallet…
The wallet is a FUN pattern to stitch up! Little boys will like it to keep their money safe, and to hold special baseball cards or school id cards.

Piecing the wallet together made me feel like I was architecting a building!!! I loved it! Each piece is put together just-so to make a wallet with 3 card holders, a zippered coin purse, a vinyl covered card slot, and a flap for bills… all wrapped up with a Velcro closure. Don’t be intimidated by the piecing of this – it is ALOT of FUN to ‘build’ the wallet.

Again I used fabrics from my scrap drawer. I pulled the cotton quilting space prints that were pillowcases for my son years ago. They were perfect prints for a little boy.

More about the patterns…
Fenna’s patterns are well-written. There are lots of pictures and each step described with seam allowance details and distinct fabrics and stitching used in the pictures. 

The purse uses interfacing in the pieces to keep its shape. I suggest working slow on the step to attach the petals since they are on a curve. Installing the zipper is a breeze, sewing the lining and outsides is simple, and turning it all right side out is easy following the pattern instructions.

The wallet has several pattern pieces that get put together to form the card slots, flaps, and zipper section. I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by the wallet pattern, BUT it was easy and FUN. I just followed the pattern instructions and voila! a great wallet that my husband thought I had store-bought 🙂

One suggestion on the wallet… I used 4 gauge vinyl (this was my first experience with vinyl), but I suggest using a thicker vinyl like 8 or 12 gauge.

Oh, and don’t let the iron touch the vinyl.

After making up the purse and the wallet for the blog tour, I stitched up another couple of each to put away for gifts. I think these are good birthday gifts for little friends… add a gift card in the zippered purse or in the wallet’s card slot, and we are ready for the birthday party!

NOW… win your own copy of the patterns by entering below… good luck!

and the Blog Tour continues….

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  1. The ric rac was a great detail to add, but I'll admit, it would probably drive me nuts to sew it on all those tiny curves! The wallet is adorable, too. I love the fabric–it's absolutely perfect for a boy.


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