A Perfect Girly Tee

www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee

She did it again… this time, she designed the perfect tee shirt for a girly!

It’s the Petra Dress & Tee Pattern by Gracious Threads.

www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee

Look at the soft gathers on the shoulders!  I LOVE it!

www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee
www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee

This is the ‘perfect’ tee for those girls that like their tee shirts to be a little fancy with slightly puffed sleeves.

www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee

I was a tester for the pattern release.  I made a long sleeve tee shirt using knit fabric from Joann’s.  The fabric is a soft wide striped material that I picked up over the summer.  It was intended for a maxi skirt, and still might have that in it’s future.  The ribbing around the neck is white and the top stitching is white to match.  I stitched up the tee in about 2 hours using my sewing machine for the construction, and my serger for the seams.

www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee

Not only does the pattern make the perfect girly tee, the pattern also makes a super twirly dress with a 6 gored full circle skirt — stay tuned for my version of the Petra Dress, but in the meantime check out the other tester’s versions HERE.

The tee is a slim fitted top with puffed sleeves made of knit fabric.  It is perfect for embellishing, perfect for layering, perfect for dressing up & dressing comfortable, and perfect for pairing with other patterns such as the Lazy Days Lounge Pants, also from Gracious Threads.  (I have lost count of the lounger pants I have made for my son, daughter, niece, and nephew… talk about a great pattern… see them HERE & HERE too)

www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee
www.from-a-box.com Perfect Girly Tee

Both the Petra Dress & Tee pattern and the Lazy Days Lounge Pants are available on Etsy and on Craftsy.

This is a versatile pattern that is perfectly-perfect for so many looks!

Make sure to join the Gracious Threads facebook group for extra inspiration…

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