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2015 Intentions

It’s the end of the year.  2014 is going in the book, and 2015 is kicking off.

As you are doing, I am reflecting on 2014’s good decisions & smart choices, missed opportunities & wanted do-overs, precious times to remember & loved ones to miss, happy days & sad moments, accomplishments & things still to do, and the many, many awesome blessings that God provides.

I believe in making goals.  I think the transition into a new year is the perfect time to state and focus on your intentions.

A co-worker once told me that he and his close circle of friends share their goals with each other at the start of the year, and then use each other to help support and hold each other accountable to their goals.  They even work their goals into milestones or specific objectives to help get what they wanted.  This idea resonates with me… I like the idea of putting your plan out there.

So, I wrote down my 2015 intentions to make them real.  Here are my overall goals for my 2015 intentions.

Build my skills

My specific plans include sewing Oliver+S patterns, blogging tutorials, family, and adventure posts, and getting my camera off Auto-Mode.

Feather my Nest

This is the year to FINISH updating our 1970’s house.  Our Box house needs a new master bath, laundry room, and powder bath, in addition to some outdoor refreshing and some home decor projects.

Take care of my Business

My business is… My health & welfare.  My kids, family, & friends.  My chores, my house, my blog, my full-time job, my church, and my volunteering.  I will arrive on time, plan ahead and prepare, and simply get my business done.

Let it go

Whatever ‘it’ is, I will stop the frustration and stress about it.  I will stop the obsessing, over-analyzing, and preoccupying-mania-craze that spins in in head — or at least I will try.

www.from-a-box.com 2015 intentions

I’ve set my 2015 Intentions, made my list of goals, eaten my black-eyed-peas and cabbage, so bring on 2015!

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