Refashion a Favorite Dress

When a beloved hand-me-down to my 5 year old daughter didn’t fit her, I knew it had to be a refashion.  So, I refashioned the hand-me-down dress into a new top, and gave it back to my friend’s daughter.  The refashioned new top would fit the 7 year old girl and would be perfect for our Pacific NW weather.

This is the BEFORE… Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion Before

I used Sofilantjes’s Otium Top because of the bow in the back.  The bow on the original dress was perfect to refashion as the bow in the back of the new top.

This is the AFTER… Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion After Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion 4

With added gray knit fabric from Joann’s as the sleeves and the back, I used almost all of the original dress fabric for the front, bias around the neck, and the sleeve cuffs of the new top.  To stretch the fabric from the original dress, I added the front top bodice piece in gray knit fabric as well.  This was an alteration to the Otuim pattern. Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion 5

Because the original dress fabric was well-loved (worn a bit thin), I doubled the front bottom piece and kept the bottom ruffle.  In a few places, the fabric had to be darned in worn places.  But, the new top should be capable of much love for a few years. Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion 3

But WAIT… are you a refashion-er AND a re-gifted? or maybe that’s only me?

Come to find out, my friend didn’t exactly tell her daughter that this most favorite too small dress was getting hand-me-down’ed to my daughter.  But when she opened the refashioned dress, and my daughter presented her with the baggy of ‘scraps’ left over from the refashioning (aka. chopping up of the favorite dress), it was obvious what had become of the favorite dress.

However, youth can be natively bliss.  My friend’s daughter simple remarked, “oh i love it! I have a top almost just like this at home!” Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion 2


I am not sure how my friend handled this delicate situation at home, or even if there is something to handle after all.  I can say that I love my friend – she is awesome!  and I love this story that we have between us now.  and I hope I didn’t disqualify my daughter from future hand-me-downs. Sofilantjes Otium Top Refashion 1

Morals of the story….. refashioning a hand-me-down garment is GREAT!  using Sofilantjes’ Otium Pattern for the refashioning is PERFECT!  not checking with the hand-me-down’er before re-gifting the refashioned hand-me-down is risky.


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