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Family Fun Super Bowl Game

Here’s how Super Bowl goes at the BOX (our house)…. My husband and son want to watch the Super Bowl Game.  I want to watch the Commercials.  Our daughters want to watch the Half-Time Show.  And by second quarter we are each in our own space with our own gadget watching Super Bowl.

Where’s the family unity? the family interaction & involvement? the family FUN???

So a few years ago, to get the kids watching the Super Bowl with us, we ‘invented’ the Family Fun Super Bowl Game.

It’s a game to encourage enjoying the Super Bowl experience as a family.  The game helps us interact and engage with each other while competing to be the Family Super Bowl Champion.  And (my sister’s favorite part) it teaches math skills!  You don’t have to understand football or really even like football to have a fun family party about a football game.

The objective of the game is to earn the most points based on the actions in the football game, commercials, and half-time show.  See, we all get to enjoy our favorites TOGETHER!

Here is the scoring system – download the printable HERE :

www.From-a-Box.com Family Super Bowl Fun SCORING POINT SYSTEM

The game instructions are simple:

  1. Divide into family teams, and each team chooses a football team – either Team Seahawks or Team Patriots for 2015.
  2. Watch the game – it helps to watch on a DVR so you can pause and rewind when necessary.
  3. Keep score using the Point System printable HERE.
  4. Add up the family team points to determine the FAMILY CHAMP!  (give this job to the kids, remember, practice math skills)

My fave is the JUST FOR FUN scoring… feel free to add your own crazy activities.  We have had “if a helmet flies off during a play, Dad has to dance the cabbage-patch”. Or, “when your team takes a time out, you have to act like an animal (ie. a monkey, dog, elephant) of the other team’s choice”.  Seriously, you can take this family game to extremes and end up rolling on the floor laughing in good family fun!

At the end of the game, you have tired kiddos, a husband that has seen the game, and you know the best commercials to discuss with friends tomorrow.

If you try this with your family, I would love to hear about it!  ENJOY!


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