Sofilantjes Upcycle Challenge 201505

Upcycle Challenge May 2015 {hosted by Sofilantjes Patterns}

Announcing the UPCYCLE Challenge at Sofilantjes Patterns!  May 11th – 25th!  Every upcycle posted is a chance to WIN!

This is an exciting event for me because I get to help organize the sewing challenge.  Along with some amazingly talented ladies, I admin at the Sofilantjes Sew and Show Facebook group.  (If you are not a member, join HERE)  As an ‘admin’ of the group, I have the pleasure of promoting Sofilantjes designs, supporting her patterns and her fans, and organizing events such as this UPCYCLE Challenge.

Participating in this challenge is simple… just use a Sofilantjes Pattern and a used garment or other material to upcycle into a fashionable clothing item for someone, maybe even for YOU!

What does it mean to upcycle? It means to transform an unused material into a new and better garment. And with the variety of Sofilantjes Patterns, you can make all kinds of clothes for the family.

You can find upcycles to refashion into beautiful clothes. Look for materials at your local thrift shops, on the clearance tables at discount stores, at your neighborhood garage sales, in your hand-me-down bins, or even from your own closets – don’t forget to check the linen closet too.

To inspire you, here are some of my upcycles that turned into some awesome clothes!

As Otuim Top Refashion from a cherished hand-me-down top… see HERE


From her baby crib sheet to a bow backed Otuim for my daughter… see all the details HERE. Brueram Dress 106

Recycled bed sheet found in the back of my Mom’s linen closet to become a BEAUTIFUL Brueram Dress.

And to get you thinking….. Perhaps there is an old dress that you never wear anymore that would make an Otuim sweater for you. Or a knit bed sheet that would make Summer Surprise dress for your girl. Be creative. Mix and match materials to make the tiers on an Iridis dress. Use unique fabrics to color block an Omni Tempore for your boy.  Refashion a no longer worn buttoned down shirt from your husband into a Brueram dress for your teen girl.  So many options… the possibilities are endless…

Sofilantjes Upcycle Challenge May 2015 collage

This challenge offers you a chance to upcycle to give new life to used materials, to sew with a Sofilantjes Pattern, and to be entered to WIN a pattern.  And best of all, you can connect with other Sofilantjes Pattern fans in the FB Group HERE.

To participate, Post pictures of the new & amazing garment and the original material used in the upcycle to the FB group Photo Album.  Each upcycled garment posted in the album will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Sofilantjes Pattern.  And you can enter as many upcycles as you want to improve your chances of winning.


Join Us for all the fun creative challenges or upcycling…. see you soon in the Sofilantjes Sew and Show Facebook group… Join HERE.


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