www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

Scrabble Inspired Romper {CraftingCon Board Games}

Today, I am showing off the board game Scrabble as part of the May 2015 Challenge at CraftingCon.

Scrabble is defined as, “to scratch or grope around with one’s fingers to find, collect, or hold onto something”.  That is how I developed my interpretation of Scrabble for my 5 year old daughter.  I don’t want to say that I literally ‘scratched and groped’ anything, but I did scrabble up a Scrabble-inspired Romper.

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

For the CraftingCon May celebration of Board Games, I selected Scrabble because there are letters, numbers, and scoring – what more could you ask for in a game or in an outfit, right?  It is a good game for young readers through adults.  And what family doesn’t have a Scrabble board in their family game cabinet for the past 50+ years?

I knew I could make Scrabble into an interesting and charming outfit.

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

Now according to the CraftingCon rules, the item made for the monthly theme has to be functional and useable and wearable.  I selected the Ellie Inspired Romper pattern that I recently won from the Make It Mine Challenge at Whimsical Fabrics.  (you can see my winning umbrella HERE)  I wanted to represent the Scrabble board on the bib of the romper.  I was inspired by this Scrabble Mug Rug found HERE.  I bought coral, blue, and green polka dot fabrics, a star fabric, a multi-color letter fabric, and a nice linen fabric from fabric.com to pull this Scrabble outfit together.

To make the Scrabble board, I cut 1” squares and fused on interfacing bordered in piping.  Then I appliqué stitched the outlines of the square tiles to the front outside piece of the bodice.  The shoulder ruffles and the capri hem ruffles are in the letter fabric with piping as well.  The pockets are made from the linen fabric with piping at the openings.  (oh, and I made the piping from the coral polka dot fabric myself – I love the handmade piping details)

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

This is a size 6 capri length romper from the Poppy Fields Romper PDF Pattern by Ellie Inspired.  I followed the pattern instructions exactly with the addition of piping on the ruffled shoulder straps.  I used the elastic casings on the back bodice since shirring still scares me.

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired

The linen of this romper is so casual and comfy for my girl… and I just LOVE the look of this jumper on her with her 2 side pony tails… I think this is going to go down as ONE OF MY FAVES!

www.From-a-Box.com Scrabble Inspired


  1. What a cute romper! I love the coordinating ABC fabric you used to trim the straps and cuffs. Perfect with the Scrabble theme.


  2. This is so cute!! Although I kind of wish you would have added some words to describe her on the board 😉 That is such a cool idea. How long before they made her lay down to be a scrabble board haha


  3. Such a cute outfit! I like the fabric, design, detail and girl! I’m really impressed with your original Scrabble board. The elastic casings across the back are so great for this age.


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