www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls

Summer Surprise Anniversary Tour

{Celebrating Sofilantjes Patterns}

It’s the one year anniversary of the Summer Surprise Top, Tunic, and Dress PDF Pattern by the lovely Anne of Sofilantjes!  Let me say, this is the PDF Pattern that opened so many doors for me.  With this pattern, I learned to sew knits, I sewed for my niece HERE, and I met Anne & Sofilantjes.  This pattern is special to me.  To show it off, I stitched up 5 dresses for my daughter and her friends.  Each dress is a slight variation of the pattern to show off the best features of the dress design and the girl.  (but all dresses have the perfect bow in the back!)

www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls

The knit fabrics for all 5 dresses are from the newest collection of Patty Young called Vivid.  The colors are FANTASTIC!  The flower print and the firework print are soft and smooth, easy stretch in both ways, and have a nice weight for kids clothes.  I pre washed the fabrics with a color catcher.  The Moms have reported that the fabric and the dress style washes and dries nice and ready to wear.

My only comment regarding the awesome fabric is… the firework print curls on all the edges like a crazy, even when cut, making it a challenge to work with.  I need to find a trick for keeping those edges flat.

Making 5 dresses for all these wonderfully sweet and spirited girls was a fun experience for me.  I like making for others because during the making process, I think about the recipient and feel warm and grateful that they are in my life.  These girls and their Moms & families are part of our friends circle at the box.  I am happy to know them and experience our neighborhood life with them.  I hope you enjoy seeing the girls in their dresses and find inspiration to make up some of your own Summer Surprises.

www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls

For my daughter, I used the bright yellow marigold fabric and the purple flowers with RUFFLES!  (even when the pattern doesnt call for ruffles, you can add your own!)  The 2 rows of ruffles are simply 2″ strips of fabric with a rolled hem on both edges, then gathered down the center.  For the yellow dress I also finished the edge with a rolled hem in yellow thread.

www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls

The other girls dresses are variations of the Summer Surprise dress with side stripes, color blocking, and extra pleat tucks.

It is simple to enhance a PDF Pattern.  Just print out the original and start shifting and changing it.  For color blocking, as I did with the side stripes and bottom stripes, remember to add your 3/8″ seam allowance back into the pieces.  Then Ta-Da, you can get different looks from the same pattern.

Presenting the Summer Surprise Girls:

Skater Style with side stripes

Vibrant Color Banded in Purple Fireworks

Sweet Flowered Bodice with bias edging

Hot Pink with inset pleats

Bright Gold with RUFFLES!

For the Summer Surprise Dress anniversary, the pattern has been updated with all the latest and greatest features to make the pattern simple to follow, easy to understand, and pleasure to work with.  If you previously purchase the pattern, contact Anne to receive the updated version.  AND join the Sofilantjes Sew & Show FB group so everyone can ooh & aah at what you make from Sofilantjes Patterns.  Some of the best features of Sofilantjes patterns are (1) the printing layers – only print the size you need so you don’t have to decipher cutting lines or waste paper for the largest sizes, (2) the summary (aka. cheat-sheet) at the end of the pattern – so its easy to make more & more & more, (3) the customization options, as I did with 5 dresses you can make and re-make different styles using the same basic pattern or stick with the as-is design.

www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls

Sponsoring this Anniversary Tour are giveaways from these fabulous PDF Pattern Designers.

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VISIT all of the blogs on the Anniversary Tour… lots of beautiful Summer Surprise Dresses & more GIVEAWAYS!
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Thank you Anne for a beautiful pattern, and for letting us show it off!
Thank you Deb for hosting this super celebration Blog Tour!
And a special THANK YOU to my friends, the Moms to these gorgeous girls!
www.From-a-Box.com Summer Surprise Girls


  1. How awesome that five girls all got special dresses from you! I love them all, but I have to admit that the yellow number is my favorite. 🙂 Gorgeous!


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