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Sewing School: Day 1 with Trisha Smith

{Sassy Southern Sewing 2015}

Today I attended my first day of classes at Sassy Southern Sewing School.  This is their inaugural year, and it’s off to a fabulous start.  The team of ladies responsible for creating this week of sewing have invested their hearts into this event – and it shows.  They have worked out every detail to ensure that we make precious handmades and memories.  I am talking about every detail… the location and classrooms, the expert instructors, the luncheon and afternoon snacks, the first night reception with hors d’oeuvres & drinks, and the Sassy Southern Sewing ladies that have such charm.  Mrs. B expressed the passion that these ladies feel for what they are ‘building’ here in her heart-warming welcome to us all at lunch today.

www.From-a-Box.com Sassy Southern Sewing School

I am sewing 3 heirloom dresses for my daughter this week with Trisha Smith – the Lilacs in Spring Dress, Peg Pocket Dress, and the Perfectly Puffed Heirloom Dress.

www.From-a-Box.com Sassy Southern Sewing School

The sewing school day started early this morning, and lasted all day.  My class spent the morning tracing the pattern, cutting the pieces, and making baby piping.  After a lovely lunch hosted by the Sassy Southern Sewing ladies, we worked on stitching the bodice pieces together.  The class day ended with a rush of Trisha showing us how to complete the pleated and gathered skirt.  Wow, what a whirlwind of a day.  I was the first in the classroom this morning, and was the last to leave the room this afternoon.  I want to soak up every moment with Trisha and our sewing helper Lisa.  I can’t get enough of this opportunity this week.

(this is my classroom seat – prime location!)

www.From-a-Box.com Sassy Southern Sewing School

If you have the chance to take a Trisha Smith class, take it!  Besides ‘building’ one of her dresses, we practiced sewing baby piping, straightening fabric to the grain line, constructing a round collar, assembling the “Cut, Fold, & Sew” skirt placket (invented by Trisha!), pleating a skirt, and ruching a sash.  Best of all, Trisha shared invaluable tips with us today.  In the 8-or-so hours spent with her today, I have these 6 sewing tips to take home with me.

1 – Press trim and piping with an iron in a curved shape before adding to a round edge… it sets the shape into the embellishment for easier placement… no more fighting on a curved collar

2 – Use the Groovin’ Piping Trim Tool to cut piping made from bias strips into the perfect trim… DANG! if you make your own piping trim, you need this!!!

www.From-a-Box.com Sassy Southern Sewing School

3 – Use Roxanne Water Soluable Glue for perfect placement of trims and embellishment – I love my Wonder Tape (see HERE) but this glue stuff works even better in hard to place areas like the round collar we made today.

4 – Snip the corners of fabric before pre-washing to prevent most of the fraying… WHAT??? I don’t have to serger every cut edge first… ah, freedom 🙂

5 – Pull bias fabric strip gently to find the front from the back… I know, sounds odd, but the side that curls when pulled is the wrong side… this is perfect for those twills and ginghams that look the same on the front and back.

6 – Tip your sewing machine slightly forward with 1/2″ to 1″ with chair floor guards placed under the back to help see what you are sewing… this could solve my shoulder pains?

(this is how my baby piping got made)

www.From-a-Box.com Sassy Southern Sewing School

It was just a great day today.  I met Trisha Smith, Mrs. B and the team of Sassy-Superstars.  I sewed on a fresh out of the box Janome (sewing school sponsor!).  I stitched up a dress for my girlie.  I learned many new tricks and skills.  AND I get to do it again tomorrow.

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