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M is for Moto Joggers Pattern Tour

It’s my turn to share these comfy track style pants for women on the M is for Moto Joggers Pattern Tour… this pattern is designed by Hatchlings Patterns HERE. Moto Pants

Modeled her by my oldest daughter… I made the size small for my almost-18 year old daughter.  The fit is perfect for her.  She is a competitive dancer and wears this style of pants often to and from rehearsals, and in hip-hop classes.  These pants are made from a black stretch cotton lycra knit fabric and hot pink lycra knit fabric.  I made the full length pants options with the moto detail at the knee, side pockets, and a full cuff at the ankle. Moto Pants Moto Pants

For the optional moto knee design, I stitched 4 rows of double needle top-stitching on the top and bottom just to add interesting details.  The pattern instructs to cut the full length of the pants for the back, but I cut wrong, so my pants have the moto knee insert on both the front and back – oops, but i love it when a user error becomes a enhancement.  I think the moto patch in the back looks good too. Moto Pants

The pattern is easy for beginner seamstresses.  Especially beginners to stretchy fabric sewing.  The design has several options including pockets, cuffs, lengths, and the moto knee design.  It comes in many different sizes from XXSmall to XLarge.  I especially like the elastic installation instructions.  The elastic is sewn directly to the waistband, so no worries about it twisting and turning or adding bulk to your waist line. Moto Pants Moto Pants

The sewing instructions include complete construction using your serger – YAY, and Thank You!  I purchased my serger machine just a few months after my sewing machine, but really don’t have a lot of experience on it.  I LOVE that the Moto Joggers pattern gave me the opportunity to use my serger.  Additionally, the pattern details instructions for sewing on a regular machine.  I truly appreciate the thorough instructions for both options. Moto Pants

Visit all of the bloggers sharing their M is for Moto Joggers – like I said, there are so many different looks in this one women’s pants pattern.  The line up for this pattern tour is incredible.

And, the pattern is on sale this week HERE. Moto Pants Day of the Dead Wine Bag

2015 Dia de los Muertos Blog Tour {Sugar Skull Wine Bag}

To celebrate the Day of the Dead this year on the Dia de los Muertos Blog Tour with Rebel & Malice, I stitched up a wine tote with a machine embroidery sugar skull.

Just to remind you of the purpose of Day of the Dead … it is an opportunity to remember your loved ones that have died.  This is not intended to be a ghoulish Halloween occasion, but rather a sweet event to show respect and honor.  I like this depiction of the day from Mexican Sugar Skull the best:

Although it is a holiday from far away in southern Mexico, it’s a holiday one can personalize and integrate into their own religious and cultural beliefs. It is more of a cultural holiday than a religious one. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the memories of our loved ones who are now gone… through art, cooking, music, building ofrendas, doing activities with our children, we can recount family stories, fun times and lessons learned… not how the person died, but how they lived.

I find the sugar skulls irresistible… the colors are amazing!  I selected an embroidery design from Otketo on Etsy HERE.  The design stitched out on Varnie (my Husqvarna Topaz machine) beautifully!  I am very impressed with her machine embroidery design and will try her other designs!

I made the sugar skull and then attached it to a self-designed wine bag. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

Of course, I attached the golden yellow pom-pom trim cause I LOVE it so much!  and it resembles the marigold flowers that are traditional for Day of the Dead.

This is a wine bag or wine tote with a fold over band to size to a wine bottle and a handle for carrying.  I made box corners in the bottom of the bag to hold it sturdy and standing up.  The outside is a red cotton fabric, and the inside is a black and white chevron canvas print fabric.  I finished the fold over band with pom-pom trim.  And the handle includes interfacing in the center to add a stiffness to the turquoise cotton fabric topstitched in yellow thread. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

The machine embroidery design was stitched separated and then appliquéd onto the outer side of the wine tote. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

LOOK at those colors… i love it! Day of the Dead Wine Bag

The wine bag holds a regular sized bottle of wine… ready to carry to the neighborhood party this weekend.  Or, it could hold a bottle of sparkling wine or a bottle of booze… perfect for gifting to the neighborhood party host & hostess. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

Thank you Melissa for hosting the 2nd Annual Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) Blog Tour… this is my favorite season of the year!

If you want to see last year’s celebration of Day of the Dead – see HERE and HERE.

I hope you will enjoy all of the creativity to honor those that passed on…

Meet the bloggers who are joining the 2nd Dia de los Muertos tour. They will be bringing you a variety of inspired crafts, stories and a few freebies.


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Monday October 26

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