Month: January 2016

Make a Dorothy Costume in a women’s size

At the last minute – yesterday to be exact, my daughter decided that she would dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for the School Dance.  Well, my youngest daughter’s Dorothy dress from Halloween 2 years ago in a size 5T would not work for my oldest daughter.  You see, she turns 18 in 2 days.  So, what is a seamstress Mom to do.  I made a Dorothy dress.  And I made a Dorothy dress without my daughter to size or try on today because she was at work all day.  I could have used a pattern I guess.  I looked at the McCall’s pattern.  But that was much more involved than I wanted to get in this Dorothy dress that would be worn for this one night only.  Using all my awesomeness + 3 yards of blue gingham bought at Joann Fabrics this morning, I made this Dorothy dress in 3 hours. Adult Dorothy Costume 1

The School Dance theme is Fairy Tales.  It is a girl-ask-boy dance.  She asked her boyfriend, and he said yes – nothing shocking there.  After a lot of research (read: googling) and contemplating (read: indecisiveness), her ideas for their costumes included Belle & Beast, Princess & a Pea, or Fiona & Shrek.  Then at the last minute, the decision was made to dress as Dorothy & Scarecrow.

AND look how FABULOUS they pulled it together! Adult Dorothy Costume

Last night and early this morning, I searched and searched for a free pattern, or apron, or tutorial, or anything to lead me in the right direction to make a Dorothy dress.  Quickly.  I found everything for a girl, but nothing for an adult.  Nope.  No Dorothy dress pattern or tutorial in a women’s size.  So, I had to do it myself.

Now yes I realize, a Dorothy dress is not complicated.  It isn’t elaborate.  It’s a few pieces with a gathered skirt and straps.  BUT, let me have my moment, I made this Dorothy dress from scratch, and it worked, and she actually wore it. Dorothy Dress b

The scarecrow costume is IMPRESSIVE!  He put this together himself with a trip to the thrift store, some cuttings from a hula skirt, and some dirt.

And here is one more picture of Dorothy & Scarecrow. Adult Dorothy Costume

Cowl Neck Top for a Teen

{Hibernis | Pattern by Sofilantjes}

Want to sew for a teenager?  But don’t know what to sew for a teen girl?  My teenage niece is lovin’ the Hibernis Cowl Neck Top!  It has a flattering fit that looks stylish.  She even said it is her favorite of all the tops I have made her – yes, that makes this Aunt feel really good 🙂 Hibernis Cowl Top for teen 24

The Hibernis Cowl Neck Top PDF Pattern is just released by Sofilantjes Patterns.  You can check out all the testers version HERE.  And of course it is offered at a special price HERE – but act fast, it’s a limited offer. Hibernis Cowl Top for teen 26

Sofilantjes provided the test pattern to me, and I stitched up a size 13 for my niece with short sleeves, princess seams, and side pockets.  Because she is tall and thin, I slimmed down the top front and back sides to a size 12, just to keep it fitted on her.  The pattern is supposed to fit slim, and not super bulky around the middle – this stylish feature is consistent throughout the Sofilantjes Patterns.

My niece modeled it for me this morning, and then wore it to school… Hibernis Cowl Top for teen 22

The most unique feature of this new Sofilantjes Pattern is the removable cowl or scarf around the neckline.  It is secured with two buttoned or snapped flaps on the shoulders. Hibernis Cowl Top for teen Hibernis Cowl Top for teen 23

I used a multi-color zigzag patterned knit for the front and back and cowl, a black knit for the sides and sleeves, and a magenta knit for the side pockets.  The neckband, waistband, and pocket trim is a ribbed black knit.  All fabrics are from Jo-anns.  I used my serger to piece the top together and a double-needle on my sewing machine for top stitching and hemming. Hibernis Cowl Top for teen Hibernis Cowl Top for teen Hibernis Cowl Top for teen 25

The Sofilantjes Pattern is for intermediate seamstresses – in my opinion.  While working with knit fabrics is not difficult, the amount of pieces and the placement of the side pockets does take some patience.  But, the pattern instructions will help you make this top for your girlie.  And the Sofilantjes Sew & Show Facebook Group is super helpful if needed.

The Cowl Neck Shirt Pattern comes in sizes 12m to 14.  The pattern contains: Instructions with both pictures and graphics (+ VIDEO LINK!), a summary in writing and a summary in graphics, A4 and leter size trimless pattern pieces and a A0 file.  The instructions are complete and easy to follow.  Yes, I am a Sofilantjes fan-girl – but with good reason, her patterns are very well done. Hibernis Cowl Top for teen Hibernis Cowl Top for teen Hibernis Cowl Top for teen 27