Make a Dorothy Costume in a women’s size

At the last minute – yesterday to be exact, my daughter decided that she would dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for the School Dance.  Well, my youngest daughter’s Dorothy dress from Halloween 2 years ago in a size 5T would not work for my oldest daughter.  You see, she turns 18 in 2 days.  So, what is a seamstress Mom to do.  I made a Dorothy dress.  And I made a Dorothy dress without my daughter to size or try on today because she was at work all day.  I could have used a pattern I guess.  I looked at the McCall’s pattern.  But that was much more involved than I wanted to get in this Dorothy dress that would be worn for this one night only.  Using all my awesomeness + 3 yards of blue gingham bought at Joann Fabrics this morning, I made this Dorothy dress in 3 hours. Adult Dorothy Costume 1

The School Dance theme is Fairy Tales.  It is a girl-ask-boy dance.  She asked her boyfriend, and he said yes – nothing shocking there.  After a lot of research (read: googling) and contemplating (read: indecisiveness), her ideas for their costumes included Belle & Beast, Princess & a Pea, or Fiona & Shrek.  Then at the last minute, the decision was made to dress as Dorothy & Scarecrow.

AND look how FABULOUS they pulled it together! Adult Dorothy Costume

Last night and early this morning, I searched and searched for a free pattern, or apron, or tutorial, or anything to lead me in the right direction to make a Dorothy dress.  Quickly.  I found everything for a girl, but nothing for an adult.  Nope.  No Dorothy dress pattern or tutorial in a women’s size.  So, I had to do it myself.

Now yes I realize, a Dorothy dress is not complicated.  It isn’t elaborate.  It’s a few pieces with a gathered skirt and straps.  BUT, let me have my moment, I made this Dorothy dress from scratch, and it worked, and she actually wore it. Dorothy Dress b

The scarecrow costume is IMPRESSIVE!  He put this together himself with a trip to the thrift store, some cuttings from a hula skirt, and some dirt.

And here is one more picture of Dorothy & Scarecrow. Adult Dorothy Costume


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