Welcome to my blog written from a house that looks like a box – hence the blog name, From A Box.

Here is our house….. See it looks like a box.

 the box

It is not the typical NW style house seen in our area.  It is just simply a box that was dropped on the neighborhood lot.  So, we affectionately call it the ‘box house’.  (yes, I am aware that a box house in the Seattle area in the early 20th century referred to a low-district theater of ill-repute… I am aware now, now that I have branded my blog and branded my creations, etc… oh well)

My blog is my place to share… 

I want to photograph and write about my creative pursuits mingled with our family happenings living here in the Pacific Northwest.

What can you expect to see here?

  • Sewing for kiddos and even some grown-ups
  • Crocheting of all kinds
  • Some cooking (very simple and ordinary)
  • Parenting chronicles and Working-Mom sagas
  • House updates and decorating attempts
  • And of course, Adventures In, Out, & Around the box

Here is something about me…

I am Stacey.  I am mom to 3 kids – a teenage daughter, a 9 year old son, and a 5 year old daughter.  I am wife, daughter, sister, and aunt.  I am a product manager for a technology company.  I am ‘dance mom’ and ‘football & basketball mom’.  I am a volunteer for the schools and the church.  I am Texan.  AND I am a crafter of all kinds – sewing and crocheting are my current favorites!


Now, how did a Texas girl, born and raised, come to write a blog from a house that looks like a box outside of Seattle?  He is the explanation…


This is my husband.  He is Tico (that means his family is from Costa Rica), born and raised in NYC, then he met me and moved to Texas.  He is a Star Wars fanatic, loves to buy Legos that never get opened, can fix or build anything as long as he has access to YouTube and Home Depot.  He is a scout leader.  He is an employee at a very large technology corporation headquartered in the Pacific Northwest (you have a 1 in 2 chance of guessing it) – which is why we are living in a box in Seattle now.

But back to about me…

I learned to cook, sew, crochet, and other crafty skills (like macramé – remember that from the 70’s) from the important women in my childhood – my Granny, my Mom, and my Aunt.  Then I was a teenager, a college student, a career woman, a wife & mother, and now I feel myself drawn back to handcrafting.

I LOVE to create pretty things for my family and friends.  I LOVE it when I can make it myself. And I LOVE the reward of acknowledgement from other creative women. This is my encouragement.

Then there is the inspiration from so many creative women out there in blog-land.  WOW there are some fabulous women – strong women, great mothers, solid values and love for their families and friends, with such passion to create and share!  And to meet them in person… I feel like I am meeting a rock star!  My most favorite rock stars are The Cottage Mama Lindsay, Aesthetic Nest Anneliese, and MADE by Dana.  Only Lindsay knows of my admiration for her since I was lucky to meet her.  I hope to meet Anneliese and Dana someday.

Now, the reason for the blog… it’s simple…

I want to share and show off what I make & I want to connect with other women to be inspired, to learn, and to make friends.

And… finally… this is me and my family.



  1. Stacey, you are amazing! Your mom sent me this link and I am so happy to see your beautiful family and ‘catch up’ on the journey you’ve been on since our lives parted a few years ago:-)

    Congratulations and best wishes with all your projects – you are one busy, beautiful and happy lady – praise the Lord!

    Love and blessings from Wimbledon! Karen


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