Our family adventures at the box & around the box Super Bowl Game for your Family Party

Super Bowl Party Game for the Family

Last year, I posted a super fun game for your super bowl party.  The game is especially fun for FAMILIES… it gets the kids interested in the game, and it keeps the family interacting during the game.

See last year’s game HERE.

Here is the 2016 version!  Just in time for the Super Bowl 50 matchup between Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.  And the halftime show featuring Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and rumored guests.

Would LOVE to hear from families that have fun with this Super Bowl Party Game…

{just click on the graphic below, and print… now you are ready for family fun!} Super Bowl Game for your Family Party POINTS SYSTEM

Sunday Lately {Week 36 ~ 2015}

This is my first Sunday Lately post (although I am a little late cause it’s Monday now).Sunday Lately

It is a series hosted by Katie, Nicole, and Meghan to promote blog writing about 5 -ing themes every week.  The purpose is to share information with readers and catch up with other bloggers linking up to the series.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the blogging fun!  When I told them today that I would be joining, I was welcomed as ‘new blood’ to the series 🙂  and I am happy to be participating with some of my favorite blogging friends.  I hope to post my Sunday Lately most every Sunday.  And if you are interested to write yours, please do, even if you don’t blog, this is a nice way to wrap up a week and kick off a new week with some introspective – albeit, on a public blog.

Happy Sunday, and wishing you a happy new week!

This week’s Sunday Lately themes: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling

Planning this week is all about our new fall schedule.  School started on Monday for us.  Finally.  This year my youngest daughter started Kindergarten.  My son is in 5th grade, and my oldest daughter is a High School Senior.  Along with the new school year, dance, soccer, flag football, and guitar lessons kicked off.  While I love that my kids are active, it is a lot of planning and precise execution to get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there.  I have a new planning book and an updated-color-coded planning worksheet.  I am still a paper and pencil planner.  I like the action of writing it down and reading it.  And I still reach for a pencil when I haven’t committed to something, like planning our schedule, dinner menu, activities, and to-do lists.  My plan is to keep PLANNING this year! Planning

Loving my daughter, each and every last minute of her 5 year old year is on mind this week.  She turns 6 next week, and I am in shock.  How can the baby of our family be a 6 year old?  I am so proud of the girl she is.  I love her independence, her creativity, and her sweetness.  In fact, she just showed up to give me another hug.  LOVING this girl is so easy! 5 year old

Reading more blogs more often is on my list of intentions for this Fall.  Somehow and sometime, reading blogs went out of style.  Just as I started my blog, it seems less sewing ladies read blogs.  I know I stopped reading.  I used to read blogs every night while before going to bed.  This was my down time after a long day working in the office as my kids were falling asleep.  I thought about all the fabulous-ness I could make as I read the lovely words from Anneliese, Dana, Lindsay, and Stef.  I felt inspired daily.  Then when I went into action to make things, and then to write about things, I stopped reading.  I think I replaced that getting-inspired-by-blogs-time with scrolling-thru-social-media-time.  (I discovered FB groups)  I am still inspired by what I see, but not inspired as deeply or as passionately as before when taking time to reading blogs.  I have decided to spend more time READING & enjoying blogs.

Wishing the puppy would stop peeing on the carpet is consuming me.  Need I say more about that… although I have also been wishing that we had put wood floors in all of the downstairs rooms.  So maybe my wishing for wood floors is stronger than my wishing for no more dog pee on the carpet.  hmmm.  Perhaps I need to consider what I am WISHING for most.  And start budgeting for wood floors in 6 months or so. Kona on carpet

Feeling motivation to work on the box house is the new obsession these days.  Maybe it’s the seasons changing or the kids returning to school or maybe it’s just the breaking point of looking at these unfinished projects that have me feeling motivated.  Whatever the reason, I am feeling it!  We bought the box house 3 years ago and immediately went to work on the kids’ bedrooms and bathroom, the kitchen and family room, and my workshop.  Our bedroom and bathroom, the 1/2 bathroom, and the laundry room are still left in the 70’s.  It’s time to update these areas.  And that work needs to start this month.  I have the plans sketched out and the husband on board.  Just need this FEELING of motivation to last long enough to complete these last box projects.

www.From-a-Box Before

Again, have a great week… more Sunday Lately next Sunday. Sassy Southern Sewing Day 2

Sewing School: Day 2 with Trisha Smith

{Sassy Southern Sewing 2015}

Another day of Trisha Smith class at Sassy Southern Sewing School.  It was a day of learning new skills, sewing a dress in yummy fabric, enjoying delicious lunch and dinner, meeting more sewing ladies, filling my bag with swag, and shopping the vendors.  For its first year, this sewing conference has not disappointed.  While I am tired from concentrating on sewing all day, I am feeling good about my time here. Sassy Southern Sewing Day 2

In class today, we worked on the Peg Pocket Dress by Trisha Smith.  The dress has a buttoned double-breasted bodice, a buttoned back, gathered skirts, and the best pockets in the front for my girlie to fill with goodies.  The pockets are made by cutting open a half circle and then adding pleats to the sides to make the pockets puff out the front – just darling!  The fabric Trisha selected for the project is a bright and cheery print coordinated with a coral solid and the hot yellow gingham.  The dress offers so many new techniques for me including a back skirt placket, matching fabric prints, covered buttons, and corded piping.  Even though I didn’t complete sewing the dress today, I learned and practiced many skills. Sassy Southern Sewing School Sassy Southern Sewing Day 2 Sassy Southern Sewing Day 2

Same as Day 1, Trisha shared her wisdom with us.  Today I counted 8 new lessons from her – I am just saying that if you want to improve your sewing technique, take a class from a proven expert like Trisha.  There is so many tips and tricks that I have picked up in only 2 days that will advance my sewing overall.  Whether my project is a quick skirt or T-shirt that takes little expertise or a couture garment that requires hours of commitment, what I have learned here at Sassy Southern Sewing will improve my project.  But I digress….. I don’t want to share all of her ‘wizardry’ here (like her Perfectly-Puckerless-Placket) , but today’s best lessons from Trisha are:

1 – Use glue stick to adhere fabric to button cap before shoving in the rubber button maker… it holds the fabric in place to make smoother gather for sealing the button bottom on (my explanation is tough to follow – see the picture) Sassy Southern Sewing School

2 – Check the fold of the fabric from being on the bolt to know the front verses the back of the fabric… this is useful for solids that look the same on the front and back

3 – Hold up tissue paper patterns with removable tape, available in office supplies… the tape will not tear the tissue paper, will not damage window or walls, but will hold up those patterns for tracing and drawing – pure awesomeness!

Examples of clothes from Trisha’s Treasures patterns: Sassy Southern Sewing Day 2 Sassy Southern Sewing Day 2

Tomorrow we will be working on an heirloom dress.  This will be a first for me… can’t wait! Sassy Southern Sewing School

Sewing School: Day 1 with Trisha Smith

{Sassy Southern Sewing 2015}

Today I attended my first day of classes at Sassy Southern Sewing School.  This is their inaugural year, and it’s off to a fabulous start.  The team of ladies responsible for creating this week of sewing have invested their hearts into this event – and it shows.  They have worked out every detail to ensure that we make precious handmades and memories.  I am talking about every detail… the location and classrooms, the expert instructors, the luncheon and afternoon snacks, the first night reception with hors d’oeuvres & drinks, and the Sassy Southern Sewing ladies that have such charm.  Mrs. B expressed the passion that these ladies feel for what they are ‘building’ here in her heart-warming welcome to us all at lunch today. Sassy Southern Sewing School

I am sewing 3 heirloom dresses for my daughter this week with Trisha Smith – the Lilacs in Spring Dress, Peg Pocket Dress, and the Perfectly Puffed Heirloom Dress. Sassy Southern Sewing School

The sewing school day started early this morning, and lasted all day.  My class spent the morning tracing the pattern, cutting the pieces, and making baby piping.  After a lovely lunch hosted by the Sassy Southern Sewing ladies, we worked on stitching the bodice pieces together.  The class day ended with a rush of Trisha showing us how to complete the pleated and gathered skirt.  Wow, what a whirlwind of a day.  I was the first in the classroom this morning, and was the last to leave the room this afternoon.  I want to soak up every moment with Trisha and our sewing helper Lisa.  I can’t get enough of this opportunity this week.

(this is my classroom seat – prime location!) Sassy Southern Sewing School

If you have the chance to take a Trisha Smith class, take it!  Besides ‘building’ one of her dresses, we practiced sewing baby piping, straightening fabric to the grain line, constructing a round collar, assembling the “Cut, Fold, & Sew” skirt placket (invented by Trisha!), pleating a skirt, and ruching a sash.  Best of all, Trisha shared invaluable tips with us today.  In the 8-or-so hours spent with her today, I have these 6 sewing tips to take home with me.

1 – Press trim and piping with an iron in a curved shape before adding to a round edge… it sets the shape into the embellishment for easier placement… no more fighting on a curved collar

2 – Use the Groovin’ Piping Trim Tool to cut piping made from bias strips into the perfect trim… DANG! if you make your own piping trim, you need this!!! Sassy Southern Sewing School

3 – Use Roxanne Water Soluable Glue for perfect placement of trims and embellishment – I love my Wonder Tape (see HERE) but this glue stuff works even better in hard to place areas like the round collar we made today.

4 – Snip the corners of fabric before pre-washing to prevent most of the fraying… WHAT??? I don’t have to serger every cut edge first… ah, freedom 🙂

5 – Pull bias fabric strip gently to find the front from the back… I know, sounds odd, but the side that curls when pulled is the wrong side… this is perfect for those twills and ginghams that look the same on the front and back.

6 – Tip your sewing machine slightly forward with 1/2″ to 1″ with chair floor guards placed under the back to help see what you are sewing… this could solve my shoulder pains?

(this is how my baby piping got made) Sassy Southern Sewing School

It was just a great day today.  I met Trisha Smith, Mrs. B and the team of Sassy-Superstars.  I sewed on a fresh out of the box Janome (sewing school sponsor!).  I stitched up a dress for my girlie.  I learned many new tricks and skills.  AND I get to do it again tomorrow. Family Fun Super Bowl Game COVER

Family Fun Super Bowl Game

Here’s how Super Bowl goes at the BOX (our house)…. My husband and son want to watch the Super Bowl Game.  I want to watch the Commercials.  Our daughters want to watch the Half-Time Show.  And by second quarter we are each in our own space with our own gadget watching Super Bowl.

Where’s the family unity? the family interaction & involvement? the family FUN???

So a few years ago, to get the kids watching the Super Bowl with us, we ‘invented’ the Family Fun Super Bowl Game.

(more…) 2015 cover

2015 Intentions

It’s the end of the year.  2014 is going in the book, and 2015 is kicking off.

As you are doing, I am reflecting on 2014’s good decisions & smart choices, missed opportunities & wanted do-overs, precious times to remember & loved ones to miss, happy days & sad moments, accomplishments & things still to do, and the many, many awesome blessings that God provides.

I believe in making goals.  I think the transition into a new year is the perfect time to state and focus on your intentions.

A co-worker once told me that he and his close circle of friends share their goals with each other at the start of the year, and then use each other to help support and hold each other accountable to their goals.  They even work their goals into milestones or specific objectives to help get what they wanted.  This idea resonates with me… I like the idea of putting your plan out there.

So, I wrote down my 2015 intentions to make them real.  Here are my overall goals for my 2015 intentions.

Build my skills

My specific plans include sewing Oliver+S patterns, blogging tutorials, family, and adventure posts, and getting my camera off Auto-Mode.

Feather my Nest

This is the year to FINISH updating our 1970’s house.  Our Box house needs a new master bath, laundry room, and powder bath, in addition to some outdoor refreshing and some home decor projects.

Take care of my Business

My business is… My health & welfare.  My kids, family, & friends.  My chores, my house, my blog, my full-time job, my church, and my volunteering.  I will arrive on time, plan ahead and prepare, and simply get my business done.

Let it go

Whatever ‘it’ is, I will stop the frustration and stress about it.  I will stop the obsessing, over-analyzing, and preoccupying-mania-craze that spins in in head — or at least I will try. 2015 intentions

I’ve set my 2015 Intentions, made my list of goals, eaten my black-eyed-peas and cabbage, so bring on 2015!


Hoping a very blessed Thanksgiving Day for you and your family….

On this day, I am thankful for my family & friends, my health & security, and the many blessings from God…

I am thankful for the sometimes rare sunny day in the Pac NW & that there are only 20-something days until we start gaining daylight hours.  I am thankful for my developing sewing talents, my growing blog interest, & my connections to awesome women in the crafting world.  I am thankful for all my projects and opportunities. Thanksgiving Wreath

I am thankful for my youngest girl’s growing independence and constant affection for others… & that she now buckles herself in the carseat (well, most of the time).

I am thankful for my son’s new found passion in team sports… & his awesome belly laugh when he truly finds something funny, usually involving farts, bare butts, or someone falling down.

I am thankful for my oldest girl’s ambition and motivation to achieve… & especially her new driver’s license that means we are never out of milk and bread.


I am thankful for our three cats that add such joy to our family, teach responsibility and nurturing to the kids, & provide amusement as my husband tries to relate to felines. Thanksgiving Jack

I am thankful for my husband because he takes care of our ‘family business’ & he can do anything with the support of you tube and his trusty tool belt and head light.  He has fixed appliances, furniture, computers, and clogged toilets.

We are awesomely blessed!