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City Sampler Quilt Blocks 16-35

And the rectangle Quilt Blocks are complete! on the #100Blocks100Days quilt block challenge to make Tula Pink’s City Sampler Quilt.  I am using Tula Pink’s Chipper fabrics, mixed with a few of her other collections, including True Colors.  Do you see another Elizabeth in there?

The #100Blocks100Days challenge is hosted by Gnome Angel HERE.  It is run on Instagram, so I post my blocks there and also here on my blog.  You can see my first blocks, 1-15 Crosses, HERE & HERE.

My rectangle blocks turned out even better than my previous set, the crosses.  The fabric colors are fun to work with, and I am improving my quilt piecing skills with every block.  I also find that I like to work in an assembly line.  I work several blocks at a time.  I piece & pin, then I stitch, then I press, then I piece & pin again, and so on.  The best part is, I finish several blocks at once and get to hang them on my wall.

Here are the rectangles….. which one is your favorite? Tula Pink City Tula Pink City Tula Pink City Tula Pink City Tula Pink City Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Block

City Sampler Quilt Blocks 11 thru 15

Look… more progress on the #100Blocks100Days quilt block challenge.  Blocks 1-15 Crosses are complete of the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks to make Tula Pink’s City Sampler Quilt.  These are in Tula Pink’s Chipper fabrics, mixed with a few of her other collections, and True Colors collection.  Do you see Elizabeth in there?

The #100Blocks100Days challenge is hosted by Gnome Angel HERE.  It is run on Instagram, so I will post my blocks there and also here on my blog.  You can see my first 10 blocks HERE.

As I work more quilt blocks, I can tell that my skills are improving.  And I am figuring out what works best for me.  For example, the ironing board that I use for garments doesn’t work as well for quilt blocks.  So, I pulled out my small portable board that has very little cushioning in the pad, and it works to press out the block seams MUCH better.  I also found out that less pins are better.  I am an admitted pinner – I will pin a seam excessively and then I sew over pins.  Yep.  I’m one of those people.  Well, on garments, sure this works, but on quilt blocks, it doesn’t work.  I am only pinning when I need to match a seam between two pieces.  Otherwise, I’m going commando with the pins.

With blocks 11-15 complete, I have completed the first group called Crosses in Tula Pink’s book…… Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Block

And here is one last picture of all the Crosses Block. Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Block Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt

City Sampler Quilt Blocks 1 thru 10

My talented friend inspired me to join in the #100Blocks100Days quilt block challenge.  While she does absolutely beautiful work with quilts, I am a beginner with quilts.  But with her encouragement, and my desire to have lovely quilts in my house like hers, I started the 100 Modern Quilt Blocks to make Tula Pink’s City Sampler Quilt.

I pulled Tula Pink’s Chipper fabrics, mixed with a few of her other collections, and a fat quarter bundle of her True Colors.  Using these fabrics, I mixed and matched to make such unique quilt blocks – and with Tricia’s continued encouragement, plus seeing her beautiful blocks posted every day, I am slowly catching up with the #100Blocks100Days challenge.

The #100Blocks100Days challenge is hosted by Gnome Angel HERE.  It is run on Instagram, which is a new medium for me, so I will post my blocks there and also here on my blog.

See my friend Tricia’s amazing work on her Instagram at MyRainyDaysDesign and on her Etsy site HERE.

And now, here are my first 10 blocks… Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt

Haunting Halloween Apron

{Whimsical Fabric Wacky Wednesday Bundle}

It’s Wednesday again, and there’s another perfectly timed fabric bundle deal from Whimsical Fabric.  The Wacky Wednesday deal can be purchased HERE on the Whimsical Fabric Facebook Group.


Halloween is only a few weeks away.  Make a Halloween Apron using fabrics from Whimsical Fabric online store.  Order today for this fabric bundle deal of Happy Haunting fabrics by Riley Blake.

To show off the Wacky Wednesday fabric bundle, I stitched up this reversible apron using the Happy Haunting fabric collection.  The collection includes novelty prints in the traditional Halloween colors of orange and black.  The reversible apron features the orange haunted houses, owls, witches, and moons print on one side, and the reverse side is a mix of stripes on the bodice and hexie print on the bottom.

This reversible apron pattern is one of my favorites – my serious favorite considering it is a frequently featured pattern on my blog – HERE, HERE, and HERE!  It’s the Jezebelle Reversible Apron PDF Pattern by Handmaiden’s Cottage.  It is a flirty full circle skirt on an hourglass shaped bodice.  For me, the apron is a canvas to show off lovely & fun fabrics.


The Wacky Wednesday Deal is offered at 12 noon central on the Whimsical Fabric & me Facebook group.  It is only offered until it sells out which is usually in the first 24 hours.  This bundle includes the 5 fabric prints, and you can buy a Full Yard bundle (5 total yards) or a Half Yard bundle (2.45 total yards).  Of course, multiple bundles will be cut in continuous yardage.

And while you at Whimsical Fabric & me Facebook group, look around, make some friends, and find so much inspiration. Easy Pocket Apron Tutorial

Easy Pocket Apron Tutorial

{Bought to you by Whimsical Fabric Tuesday Tutorial}

Need a simple to make apron with customized pockets?  Get your free Tutorial and free Pattern Template HERE.

The apron features a large front pocket that you can make into individual compartments to fit your necessities, like a pen and pencil, notepad, keys, reading glasses, and of course your cell phone.  The apron ties in the back around your waist. Easy Pocket Apron Easy Pocket Apron feathers 4

Using less then 2 yards of fabric from Whimsical Fabric, I designed this Easy Pocket Apron and you can have the free pattern.  The supplies, printable template, and instructions are available to you.

And look at all the fabrics on Whimsical Fabric online shop.  I very much appreciate working with the ladies at this shop.  The fabric quality is high offering designer collections, shipping is FAST, the customer service is supportive and helpful, the fabric prices and shipping costs are good & reasonable (and sometimes spectacular! on sale), and I especially enjoy the activities & challenges on their Facebook group – see HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

And for some instant inspiration for your own Easy Pocket Apron, here are the pocket aprons that I made: Easy Pocket Apron Tutorial feathers Easy Pocket Apron feathers Easy Pocket Apron Tutorial collage 1

Fabric: Arrow Flight collection by Michael Miller, available HERE Easy Pocket Apron country 1

Fabric: Country Girls collection by Riley Blake, out of print Easy Pocket Apron bees 1

Fabric: Be My Honey collection by Moda, out of print Easy Pocket Apron Tutorial Easy Pocket Apron feathers 2


A Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

{For the Love of Legends Blog Tour, hosted by CraftingCon and Phat Quarters}
For the Love of Legends Blog Tour hosted by CraftingCon and Phat Quarters

Read along for the blog lineup & prize package give-aways… enjoy!

Featuring the Jezebelle apron PDF pattern designed by Handmaiden’s Cottage Patterns to share the famous legend of A Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow. Rainbow Apron 1 Rainbow Rainbow Apron

The legend has many interpretations.  The most famous is the Irish story of Leprechauns leaving pots of gold at the end of rainbows.  Or something about fairies leaving the gold to be guarded by Leprechauns.  And sometimes there is an old farmer and his wife involved in the myth.  I think the point of the legend is mostly the same… Because a rainbow is a circle arcing across the sky, and you can only see a portion of it, the end of the rainbow does not really exist, so the pot of gold is never attainable – meaning that you can keep following that rainbow looking the reward of a pot of gold, but you will not get there to find it.  (geez, that sounds kinda pathetic now that I type it out…)

Let’s try another interpretation… Some versions of the A Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow legend take a spiritual theme.  Such as, if you chase a rainbow only expecting to find a pot of gold at the end, you will be disappointed.  In other words, enjoy the journey.  I guess if you are traveling a rainbow, that’s a reward already. Rainbow Apron

Because it is St. Patrick’s Day this week, I chose the A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow legend to contribute to the For the Love of Legends Blog Tour hosted by CraftingCon and Phat Quarters.

For the pot of gold, I needed a gold fabric pocket. I re-purposed a dance costume to get the gold fabric. The rainbow needed to arc across the garment to end in the pot of gold, or the pocket in this case.  I pulled one of my favorite patterns for adapting a theme to a wearable garment.  It’s a flirty apron pattern called the Jezebelle Apron by Handmaiden’s Cottage Patterns.  (I featured the same apron for The Day of the Dead Celebration HERE and again HERE) Rainbow Apron

The apron pattern is completely reversible, although that is not needed for my adaption today.  The pocket is gathered and rounded, and looks perfectly like a pot of gold.

The rainbow, however, was a bit of a struggle.  The apron bodice is fitted with princess seams to make it so flirty.  My vision was to have a quarter of the rainbow arc across the right side into the pocket on the left side skirt.  Getting the curved shape of the arc across the fitted bodice was challenging to say the least.  This project spent many nights in time out when I just couldn’t look at anymore. — ever have a project that just needs to sit in the corner until you can work with it again.  Finally, I found this rainbow ribbon in my collection, and borrowing a ‘mannequin with boobs’ from my friend, I was able to achieve the arc that I wanted.  Then I just stitched 5 rows of ribbon following the arc with gold metallic top stitching, and I had my rainbow! Rainbow Apron Rainbow Apron

And I have to say, I am very happy with the results!  I managed to represent a favorite legend in a wearable garment! Not to sound too trite or too cheesy – I followed the rainbow long enough and found a pot of gold. Rainbow Apron

Thank you to the ladies at CraftingCon and Phat Quarters for another FUN and Challenging  blog tour.

For the Love of Legends Blog Tour hosted by CraftingCon and Phat Quarters
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We will draw a random link-up to win an issue of One Thimble Magazine! Day of the Dead Wine Bag

2015 Dia de los Muertos Blog Tour {Sugar Skull Wine Bag}

To celebrate the Day of the Dead this year on the Dia de los Muertos Blog Tour with Rebel & Malice, I stitched up a wine tote with a machine embroidery sugar skull.

Just to remind you of the purpose of Day of the Dead … it is an opportunity to remember your loved ones that have died.  This is not intended to be a ghoulish Halloween occasion, but rather a sweet event to show respect and honor.  I like this depiction of the day from Mexican Sugar Skull the best:

Although it is a holiday from far away in southern Mexico, it’s a holiday one can personalize and integrate into their own religious and cultural beliefs. It is more of a cultural holiday than a religious one. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the memories of our loved ones who are now gone… through art, cooking, music, building ofrendas, doing activities with our children, we can recount family stories, fun times and lessons learned… not how the person died, but how they lived.

I find the sugar skulls irresistible… the colors are amazing!  I selected an embroidery design from Otketo on Etsy HERE.  The design stitched out on Varnie (my Husqvarna Topaz machine) beautifully!  I am very impressed with her machine embroidery design and will try her other designs!

I made the sugar skull and then attached it to a self-designed wine bag. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

Of course, I attached the golden yellow pom-pom trim cause I LOVE it so much!  and it resembles the marigold flowers that are traditional for Day of the Dead.

This is a wine bag or wine tote with a fold over band to size to a wine bottle and a handle for carrying.  I made box corners in the bottom of the bag to hold it sturdy and standing up.  The outside is a red cotton fabric, and the inside is a black and white chevron canvas print fabric.  I finished the fold over band with pom-pom trim.  And the handle includes interfacing in the center to add a stiffness to the turquoise cotton fabric topstitched in yellow thread. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

The machine embroidery design was stitched separated and then appliquéd onto the outer side of the wine tote. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

LOOK at those colors… i love it! Day of the Dead Wine Bag

The wine bag holds a regular sized bottle of wine… ready to carry to the neighborhood party this weekend.  Or, it could hold a bottle of sparkling wine or a bottle of booze… perfect for gifting to the neighborhood party host & hostess. Day of the Dead Wine Bag

Thank you Melissa for hosting the 2nd Annual Day of the Dead (or Dia de los Muertos) Blog Tour… this is my favorite season of the year!

If you want to see last year’s celebration of Day of the Dead – see HERE and HERE.

I hope you will enjoy all of the creativity to honor those that passed on…

Meet the bloggers who are joining the 2nd Dia de los Muertos tour. They will be bringing you a variety of inspired crafts, stories and a few freebies.


Here is the full schedule:

Monday October 26

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Tuesday October 27 –“>Call Ajaire“>Hattielu Handmade“>Made With Moxie



Wednesday October 28 –“>Paisley Roots“>AmandaRose“>Phat Quarters



Thursday October 29 –“>Lulu & Celeste“>Calm and Carrion“>Craft Lady Abby



Friday October 30 –“>Whisk ‘Em“>Wild & Wanderful“>Golden Rippy



Saturday October 31 –“>Just Add Fabric“>Filles a Maman



Sunday November 1 –“>House of Estrela



Monday November 2 –“>Rebel & Malice






Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter. There will be a small giveaway for a copy of the DVD “The Book of Life”  and a copy of the book “…/dp/0982715307“>Rosita y Conchita” by Erich Haeger and Eric Gonzalez. They are not affiliated with this website or giveaway.



Due to the nature of the giveaway, the book and DVD will only be available to residents of the United States and Canada. There will be a separate giveaway for any digital items such as PDF patterns or gift cards.