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Make a Dorothy Costume in a women’s size

At the last minute – yesterday to be exact, my daughter decided that she would dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for the School Dance.  Well, my youngest daughter’s Dorothy dress from Halloween 2 years ago in a size 5T would not work for my oldest daughter.  You see, she turns 18 in 2 days.  So, what is a seamstress Mom to do.  I made a Dorothy dress.  And I made a Dorothy dress without my daughter to size or try on today because she was at work all day.  I could have used a pattern I guess.  I looked at the McCall’s pattern.  But that was much more involved than I wanted to get in this Dorothy dress that would be worn for this one night only.  Using all my awesomeness + 3 yards of blue gingham bought at Joann Fabrics this morning, I made this Dorothy dress in 3 hours. Adult Dorothy Costume 1

The School Dance theme is Fairy Tales.  It is a girl-ask-boy dance.  She asked her boyfriend, and he said yes – nothing shocking there.  After a lot of research (read: googling) and contemplating (read: indecisiveness), her ideas for their costumes included Belle & Beast, Princess & a Pea, or Fiona & Shrek.  Then at the last minute, the decision was made to dress as Dorothy & Scarecrow.

AND look how FABULOUS they pulled it together! Adult Dorothy Costume

Last night and early this morning, I searched and searched for a free pattern, or apron, or tutorial, or anything to lead me in the right direction to make a Dorothy dress.  Quickly.  I found everything for a girl, but nothing for an adult.  Nope.  No Dorothy dress pattern or tutorial in a women’s size.  So, I had to do it myself.

Now yes I realize, a Dorothy dress is not complicated.  It isn’t elaborate.  It’s a few pieces with a gathered skirt and straps.  BUT, let me have my moment, I made this Dorothy dress from scratch, and it worked, and she actually wore it. Dorothy Dress b

The scarecrow costume is IMPRESSIVE!  He put this together himself with a trip to the thrift store, some cuttings from a hula skirt, and some dirt.

And here is one more picture of Dorothy & Scarecrow. Adult Dorothy Costume Moto Pants

M is for Moto Joggers Pattern Tour

It’s my turn to share these comfy track style pants for women on the M is for Moto Joggers Pattern Tour… this pattern is designed by Hatchlings Patterns HERE. Moto Pants

Modeled her by my oldest daughter… I made the size small for my almost-18 year old daughter.  The fit is perfect for her.  She is a competitive dancer and wears this style of pants often to and from rehearsals, and in hip-hop classes.  These pants are made from a black stretch cotton lycra knit fabric and hot pink lycra knit fabric.  I made the full length pants options with the moto detail at the knee, side pockets, and a full cuff at the ankle. Moto Pants Moto Pants

For the optional moto knee design, I stitched 4 rows of double needle top-stitching on the top and bottom just to add interesting details.  The pattern instructs to cut the full length of the pants for the back, but I cut wrong, so my pants have the moto knee insert on both the front and back – oops, but i love it when a user error becomes a enhancement.  I think the moto patch in the back looks good too. Moto Pants

The pattern is easy for beginner seamstresses.  Especially beginners to stretchy fabric sewing.  The design has several options including pockets, cuffs, lengths, and the moto knee design.  It comes in many different sizes from XXSmall to XLarge.  I especially like the elastic installation instructions.  The elastic is sewn directly to the waistband, so no worries about it twisting and turning or adding bulk to your waist line. Moto Pants Moto Pants

The sewing instructions include complete construction using your serger – YAY, and Thank You!  I purchased my serger machine just a few months after my sewing machine, but really don’t have a lot of experience on it.  I LOVE that the Moto Joggers pattern gave me the opportunity to use my serger.  Additionally, the pattern details instructions for sewing on a regular machine.  I truly appreciate the thorough instructions for both options. Moto Pants

Visit all of the bloggers sharing their M is for Moto Joggers – like I said, there are so many different looks in this one women’s pants pattern.  The line up for this pattern tour is incredible.

And, the pattern is on sale this week HERE. Moto Pants Otium Sweet Top

Otium Blog Tour: Sweet Bow Top

Inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day, this is the Otium Top from Sofilantjes fashioned as a SWEET BOW top for my oldest daughter. Otium Sweet Top

I think my daughter looks super sweet!  This is perfect for her school days in jeans and boots.


A Family of Omni Shirts

This is our family of Omni Tempore Shirts from the Sofilantjes Pattern! Omni Tempore 2

We are a family of 5, but my youngest will have to wait a few weeks for her Omni… it is made with a soft plush pocket and hoodie.  She will find it under the tree on Christmas morning.  As will another family member who is getting an Omni shirt specially made From-a-Box.  {shhhhh……}


Celebrate Day of the Dead Blog Tour Day of the Dead Blog Tour 2014

Day of the Dead… I know what you’re thinking, “oh such awesome colorful fabric!”… that’s exactly what I think every time I visit a fabric store this time of year.  I LOVE the novelty fabric to celebrate Day of the Dead.  The bright colors, the thrilling imaginary, and the slight haunting of it.  I wondered if I would ever dare use the fabric – especially since I didn’t even know what Day of the Dead was/is or even if I could/should ‘bing’ it from my home computer. 

Delilah Top Pattern Tour

It’s finally time to share the Delilah Top made by me & for me! I usually make for the kids or for the house, but today, I can share something I made for me.

I am so happy to participate on the Delilah Top Blog Tour. It is exciting to get to show off my very own Delilah, and exciting to be along side so many fabulous sew’ers and bloggers.

The Delilah Top pattern is designed by Rachel at Golden Rippy – be sure to see all her patterns HERE. The pattern is good for beginners with knits because it is simple to assemble, as in no sleeves to set in! the sleeves are built in, and you get to choose short sleeves or half sleeves. And since both styles are so nice, I made one of each! 

My short sleeve Delilah is in a thinner purple slub knit fabric. I made the size large so it would work with leggings & boots for the fall and with yoga pants & flip-flops anytime.  I love the deep purple color, and I like it with a scarf when I need to fancy it up.

My half-sleeve Delilah is in an interlock knit in a bright teal blue fabric top stitched with a lime green thread (Go Seahawks!) and accented with the flowers on the shoulder made from the knit fabric. I made the size medium and it fits nicely.  I like it with capris, denim skirt, and just simple jeans. I made the flowers with covered button centers, and used corsage pins so they can be removed for wash or for a less-fancy look.

The top is very comfortable, and both the slub fabric and the interlock fabric make a nice drape in the shirt.

Both tops were constructed on my sewing machine with the seams finished on my serger; however, the entire top could be finished solely on either machine.  I might be ready to try the next one – and there will be a next one – only on my serger!

Now, for the Give-Away for 2 Lucky Winners… go HERE for the contest rules and to enter.

AND if you want to purchase the pattern right away, all Golden Rippy patterns are on SALE right now during the Delilah pattern tour.

Blog Tour
Check out all the lovely pictures and posts of the ladies participating in the Delilah Top Blog Tour! We LOVE to hear from you, so leave us comments!


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