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Quad T-Shirts for a Boy

{S is for Sewing e-book, featuring the Quadrilateral T-shirt}

The seamstresses at Sewing With Boys have released their second e-book that focuses on back to school – which thankfully for me is only a few weeks away.  The complete bundle is 4 full patterns, inspiring articles, and some extra goodies.  And best of all, it’s made for BOYS.  You know, those kids that don’t like the ruffles and bows and cutesy buttons that we like as embellishments on our handmades.  The Sewing With Boys’ speciality is making it fun to sew for our little guys, while making it fun for our little guys to wear what we make.  S is for Sewing is the latest e-book that does just that.  I stitched up 4 shirts for my 2 year old cousin using the Quadilateral T-shirt pattern that is one of 4 patterns available in the e-book bundle.

www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt

www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt

The t-shirt PDF pattern comes in sizes XXS-L (2/3-10/12).  It is made in knit fabrics with binding at the neck and the sleeves.  The special feature for our guys is the little pocket right in the front to hold their small treasures.  The casual fit and asymmetrical design works well for the boys.  And while I am here to promote sewing for the boys, this t-shirt would be just as awesome for our girls too!

www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt

Because the t-shirt pattern is called the Quad T, I interpreted that to mean I should stitch up 4 shirts for my little cousin.  So, that is what I did stretching one of my favorite fabric lines to mix and match the prints with solids.  The print fabrics are organic knits from Serengeti by Birch Fabrics.  The elephants, birds, and giraffes are just TOO CUTE!  By mixing the prints and adding the solid knits, I think I still have enough for another project coming soon.

{See my Baby Mitts and Hats project in the Serengeti knit fabric by Birch HERE}

www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt

Also to mix up the 4 t-shirts, I made 2 shirts with sleeve bindings and 2 with hemmed sleeves.  And then 2 shirts with pockets and 2 shirts without pockets.  I wanted each shirt to be unique and show off the Quad Tee pattern at its best.  Which speaking of the pattern… I found the instructions to be well written and simple to follow with drawings, fitting explanations, and printing and assembling instructions.  The pattern suggests upcycling adult t-shirts for the Quad Tee.  I think that would make some great looking shirts for the little guys.

www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt

For all the back to school inspiration (remember, it includes 4 full patterns), the S is for Sewing e-book is available HERE.  And see all of the awesome-ness, as well as share your own creations on the FB group at Sewing With Boys Fan Group.

www.From-a-Box.com QuadTShirt

Baby Mitts and Caps for Baby Shower Gift

baby shower buttonIt is a pleasure to participate in the virtual baby shower for Jess at Gracious Threads.  This month, she is hosting a Baby Shower to celebrate her new baby boy.  There have been so many fun and inspirational posts all about baby stuff on her blog.  There are tutorials, pattern reviews and round ups, crafts to make, and all kinds of things for babies and new moms.

Today, I posted a Baby Mitt Tutorial HERE for making those cute mittens for little baby hands.  I shared the free pattern template and tutorial to make your own mittens for your baby or to give as a baby gift.

www.From-a-Box.com Baby Mitts Tutorial

We gifted my daughter’s preschool teacher with a set of mitts and matching baby cap for the pending arrival of her baby boy.  The cap was made from Zaaberry Baby Hat tutorial found HERE.  The mitts and hat are in the organic knit fabric called Serengeti by Birch.

www.From-a-Box.com Baby Hats

www.From-a-Box.com Baby Mitts