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Springtime His & Hers Outfits… Ready for Easter!

My Granny would say “I didn’t know you could do that!”.  She said this when she was impressed with what you did.  It was a high compliment from her.

My last project was definitely worthy of my Granny’s “I didn’t know you could do that!”  I made coordinating fancy spring outfits for my daughter and her friend.  The boy’s trousers and vest had welt pockets!!!  I heard my Granny from heaven saying to me “I didn’t know you could do that!”….. well Granny, I didn’t know I could make welt pockets either, but I can!

www.From-a-Box 2015 His & Hers Outfits


From-a-Box Easter Egg Girl

Easter Girl

This didn’t start out to dress the daughter as an Easter egg… but turns out, she does look like an Easter egg in this outfit!

I wanted to use The Cottage Mama’s Classic A-Line pattern for a top with a round collar and shorter sleeves, and then wrap it in ribbons.  The daughter had to have pink and purple, so this is the result.

The sleeves are not lined, but the blouse is lined according to the pattern.

Then I used The Cottage Mama’s Vintage Shorts pattern without the ruffles, and wrapped some ric-rac around the hem and the pocket.

Instead of adding the gathers in the sleeve, I made little tucks… I like it!

Next time, I think some interfacing in the front band of the shorts will make the fit better.  But otherwise, once again, the patterns worked up great!

Overall, the outfit is cute, and I am happy with the result – AND she looks like an Easter egg.

Pattern: Classic A-Line Top by The Cottage Mama, from her Sew Classic Clothes for Girls book
Fabric: Pink Gingham and Tula Pink Acacia Butterfly Wings
Trim: Tula Pink Birds & Bees and various others

Stitched by Stacey Morales from a box