#Sewing Challenge

City Sampler Quilt Blocks 16-35

And the rectangle Quilt Blocks are complete! on the #100Blocks100Days quilt block challenge to make Tula Pink’s City Sampler Quilt.  I am using Tula Pink’s Chipper fabrics, mixed with a few of her other collections, including True Colors.  Do you see another Elizabeth in there?

The #100Blocks100Days challenge is hosted by Gnome Angel HERE.  It is run on Instagram, so I post my blocks there and also here on my blog.  You can see my first blocks, 1-15 Crosses, HERE & HERE.

My rectangle blocks turned out even better than my previous set, the crosses.  The fabric colors are fun to work with, and I am improving my quilt piecing skills with every block.  I also find that I like to work in an assembly line.  I work several blocks at a time.  I piece & pin, then I stitch, then I press, then I piece & pin again, and so on.  The best part is, I finish several blocks at once and get to hang them on my wall.

Here are the rectangles….. which one is your favorite?

www.From-a-Box.com Tula Pink City Samplerwww-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-17www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-18www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-19www.From-a-Box.com Tula Pink City Samplerwww-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-21www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-22www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-23www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-24www.From-a-Box.com Tula Pink City Samplerwww-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-26www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-27www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-28www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-29www.From-a-Box.com Tula Pink City Samplerwww-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-31www.From-a-Box.com Tula Pink City Samplerwww-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-33www-from-a-box-com-tula-pink-city-sampler-block-no-34www.From-a-Box.com Tula Pink City Sampler


Sofilantjes Upcycle Challenge 201505

Upcycle Challenge May 2015 {hosted by Sofilantjes Patterns}

Announcing the UPCYCLE Challenge at Sofilantjes Patterns!  May 11th – 25th!  Every upcycle posted is a chance to WIN!

This is an exciting event for me because I get to help organize the sewing challenge.  Along with some amazingly talented ladies, I admin at the Sofilantjes Sew and Show Facebook group.  (If you are not a member, join HERE)  As an ‘admin’ of the group, I have the pleasure of promoting Sofilantjes designs, supporting her patterns and her fans, and organizing events such as this UPCYCLE Challenge.