Sunday Lately {Week 36 ~ 2015}

This is my first Sunday Lately post (although I am a little late cause it’s Monday now).Sunday Lately

It is a series hosted by Katie, Nicole, and Meghan to promote blog writing about 5 -ing themes every week.  The purpose is to share information with readers and catch up with other bloggers linking up to the series.  Everyone and anyone is welcome to join the blogging fun!  When I told them today that I would be joining, I was welcomed as ‘new blood’ to the series 🙂  and I am happy to be participating with some of my favorite blogging friends.  I hope to post my Sunday Lately most every Sunday.  And if you are interested to write yours, please do, even if you don’t blog, this is a nice way to wrap up a week and kick off a new week with some introspective – albeit, on a public blog.

Happy Sunday, and wishing you a happy new week!

This week’s Sunday Lately themes: Planning, Loving, Reading, Wishing, Feeling

Planning this week is all about our new fall schedule.  School started on Monday for us.  Finally.  This year my youngest daughter started Kindergarten.  My son is in 5th grade, and my oldest daughter is a High School Senior.  Along with the new school year, dance, soccer, flag football, and guitar lessons kicked off.  While I love that my kids are active, it is a lot of planning and precise execution to get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there.  I have a new planning book and an updated-color-coded planning worksheet.  I am still a paper and pencil planner.  I like the action of writing it down and reading it.  And I still reach for a pencil when I haven’t committed to something, like planning our schedule, dinner menu, activities, and to-do lists.  My plan is to keep PLANNING this year!

www.From-a-Box.com Planning

Loving my daughter, each and every last minute of her 5 year old year is on mind this week.  She turns 6 next week, and I am in shock.  How can the baby of our family be a 6 year old?  I am so proud of the girl she is.  I love her independence, her creativity, and her sweetness.  In fact, she just showed up to give me another hug.  LOVING this girl is so easy!

www.From-a-Box.com 5 year old

Reading more blogs more often is on my list of intentions for this Fall.  Somehow and sometime, reading blogs went out of style.  Just as I started my blog, it seems less sewing ladies read blogs.  I know I stopped reading.  I used to read blogs every night while before going to bed.  This was my down time after a long day working in the office as my kids were falling asleep.  I thought about all the fabulous-ness I could make as I read the lovely words from Anneliese, Dana, Lindsay, and Stef.  I felt inspired daily.  Then when I went into action to make things, and then to write about things, I stopped reading.  I think I replaced that getting-inspired-by-blogs-time with scrolling-thru-social-media-time.  (I discovered FB groups)  I am still inspired by what I see, but not inspired as deeply or as passionately as before when taking time to reading blogs.  I have decided to spend more time READING & enjoying blogs.

Wishing the puppy would stop peeing on the carpet is consuming me.  Need I say more about that… although I have also been wishing that we had put wood floors in all of the downstairs rooms.  So maybe my wishing for wood floors is stronger than my wishing for no more dog pee on the carpet.  hmmm.  Perhaps I need to consider what I am WISHING for most.  And start budgeting for wood floors in 6 months or so.

www.From-a-Box.com Kona on carpet

Feeling motivation to work on the box house is the new obsession these days.  Maybe it’s the seasons changing or the kids returning to school or maybe it’s just the breaking point of looking at these unfinished projects that have me feeling motivated.  Whatever the reason, I am feeling it!  We bought the box house 3 years ago and immediately went to work on the kids’ bedrooms and bathroom, the kitchen and family room, and my workshop.  Our bedroom and bathroom, the 1/2 bathroom, and the laundry room are still left in the 70’s.  It’s time to update these areas.  And that work needs to start this month.  I have the plans sketched out and the husband on board.  Just need this FEELING of motivation to last long enough to complete these last box projects.

www.From-a-Box Before

Again, have a great week… more Sunday Lately next Sunday.